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A Good Start

1 Jan

Although I was ready to start my Nora Roberts’ novel, the obsession with my games was, well, an obsession. The last two days in the office, I was alternating between popping soda bottles and rescuing bears, crushing candies and harvesting crops in between working on a few projects due in January. I persevered if you may (for my games rather than work), hoping there will be a positive outcome into the new year.

As you know, I have been agonizing over my lack of progress especially for Candy Crush but was determined to beat it. Thank goodness for my persistence because I was finally rewarded for all the games! In Farm Heroes, I progressed to Level 623 and Candy Crush Soda, to Level 112. As for Candy Crush, the one game that I feared I would be stuck forever coming into the new year, not only I finally conquered Level 751 (Woohoo!!!) and came out tops , I moved on to Level 755 and on the verge of embarking in the new chapter!

A good start to kick off the year as I sense a better 2015 ahead. Happy New Year!