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The First Stop

30 Jan

Rush hour traffic was not too bad after the toll at the Penang Bridge. We met hubby’s sister and she guided us to Restaurant Soon Lai at Batu Lanchang, a place she frequents regularly.

The tummy by now is growling and the smell of the open air kitchen is just so appealing!

Dinner was simple, quick and delicious.


Enjoying Penang

30 Jan

The last time I was in Penang several years back, we stayed at Golden Sands Resort on Ferringi. Hubby and I were drinking Corona by the poolside, keeping an eye on the girls who were enjoying the swimming pool. In between, I was also working on my tan, having daily foot massages under the coconut trees and with an occasional dip in the pool to cool down, it was bliss.

Foodie-wise, we were not picky and did not traverse the island for any special menus. However, this time is different. It is solely a foodie trip with all kinds of food in mind to savor. Beer, pool and tan are not a priority.

Also this time, we are not staying in any hotel but being hosted by hubby’s sister, who lives and works on the island city.

We are almost at the Penang Bridge. Once we work pass the after-office rush-hour crowd, our gastronomic adventure officially starts! Woohoo…

On the Way

30 Jan

We left home at three, taking our time to load up and be on the road. There was no hurry but only to beat the rain with the threatening clouds overhung in the horizon. An hour into the journey, the rain came down and hard, I had to slow down to almost a 40km/h speed.

But it cleared once we got close to Ipoh. I was dreaming of what shall we eat tonight whilst my passengers snoozed away. It’s okay, the drive is not tiring.

I look forward to dinner soon!

Road Trip

30 Jan

We decided to take a gastronomic road trip to Penang for the long weekend ahead and eat to our hearts’ content. This year there are many long weekends and this is one of them so we decided to take advantage of it. We wait for M2 to come home from school before we hit the road.

To all the food stalls and eateries in Penang, here we come!