The Working Life

5 Jan

Soon after her exams were over, M1, together with her cousin, came to work for hubby and I at the office. Although workload has been quite easy, I managed to find things to keep them occupied.

The family insisted we assign them things to learn or keep them busy to understand the hardship of real work; even if it means cleaning the store room.

It’s been over a month already that the both of them worked for me and cleaned the store room they did. However the timing of their employment, being the year end, I have to plan their time well as a lot of projects are either completed or pushed to the new year. I shouldn’t allow the both of them to just twiddle their thumbs in the office, painting a false picture of the work environment. Nor can I have them surfing the internet, on YouTube or whatever, doing unproductive computer activity. Both are, after all, on the payroll by the hour.

So cleaning the store room was apt.

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    […] his part, taught them office administrative duties. Then the next two weeks, both girls worked on emptying my store room that has accumulated twenty years’ of printed work! Along the way, they found some treasures: […]

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