A Birthday and A Blundstone

20 Jan

Monday was a good day. Two significant things happened; one being my parcel from Blundstone arrived from Tasmania, Australia when I least expected it. What can I say? Customer service at its best here. Thank you!

The second being my M1 turned 18 years old.

Gosh. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was seated at the sofa in mom and dad’s home watching Mulder and Sculley in action in yet another weekly X-Files TV show? Then I had my contractions. Uh-oh… It’s time.

The next thing I knew, I was at the hospital, ready to welcome my firstborn. Scared, excited, anxious, nervousness all rolled in. Hubby was like, “Don’t breathe that in!”

That, being the laughing gas. I was in too much pain then to curse him and passed the point for an epidural (I did, cursed him that is, the second time around when M2 came along). Then wham, bam, kabam, we became parents to a 3.04kg bundle of joy. Wow.

The last 18 years has been a roller coaster ride. The many emotions felt dealing with a very strong minded child… yet despite the challenges, we have been very blessed with a very smart child.

All grown up now and ready for college and the world. I can just feel another white hair readying itself to sprout out from my crown…

Okay enough, I am going bawl my eyes out.

The parcel arrived!

The parcel arrived!

So exciting!

So exciting!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

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