Anxiety Purchase

8 Jun

My stash of DIY projects has been reduced down to three when I started DIY project number 14 or 12B. At the pace that I am at for the latest one, I can complete it today, in record time, instead of taking another week because the three lights turned out far easier to work on than I anticipated.

And as I plan to combine project numbers 15 and 16 to become one set, my stash of three will suddenly deplete even faster. If this plan materializes, I will be down to one last project to do. Oh no.

So I had no choice but to buy some more to have a sense of security. In a spate of two days, I purchased three new sets from my regular online shopping site. You could say it was an anxiety purchase to feel secure. Two out of the three sets have arrived.

The third package should arrive soon. I can’t wait.

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