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A Fairy Tale Setting

6 May

It looked like a scene from a fairy tale fable. It was not too late when we came back from dinner earlier this week. The frog was sitting so upright and rigid in front of the tree. Three mushrooms were growing next to the tree trunk, making the scene more fabled. I think the street light played a role in the dreamy scenario.

My feeble attempts with my iPhone XR

The frog did not even flinch when hubby crouched so close to it to take its picture. He managed to capture a few spectacular shots with his Samsung phone. I did not go as close as I was afraid the frog would jump. My photos taken with my iPhone XR pale in comparison to his attempt.

Hubby’s shots with his Samsung phone
Night and day difference for the three mushrooms

Once in a while, it is okay to appreciate a frog if they could sit there quietly, and create a surreal fairy tale scene, instead of being in the garden choir ensemble.

Contrasting First Years

29 Nov

When M1 went off to university four years ago, we had periodic pictorial updates on the classes she took. As she was a Food Science major, obviously it was food-related and the pictures were experiments that were conducted in the lab for her classes. From the preparation to the end result, we had interesting pictures of how to make Camembert cheese and smoked salmon.


Fancy some cheese?


Or perhaps smoked salmon?

Now with M2 having started her first year at college––she has completed her Foundation Studies with distinction––we are also getting updates on her classes. As she is a Design Communications major, similar to my degree but mine was called Visual Communications with an emphasis in Graphic Design, so obviously we are getting art and design-related pictures.

This being an assignment from her Illustration class. Dang… the details and patience! I am so glad she’s on the right path to nurture her creativity and shape her ability.


Ben Thanh Market

28 Dec

Ben Thanh Market is a very vibrant place but I find the vendors there very aggressive and intimidating to a certain degree. It’s very crowded and competitive. One cannot simply make any eye contact with them. The minute they see you looking at them, they latch onto you,  that’s it!

One should not also touch any products on display if you have no intention of buying. They think you want to buy and they latch onto you, that’s it!

But buying is also a skill. You must not show interest otherwise you won’t get a good deal. We did not buy anything this morning from the market. And honestly I find haggling too much, it’s not in me.

After a while, we left and headed to Saigon Center for some cool air.


Fancy some fresh seafood?


Maybe veges instead?


How about frogs?


I think seafood would be good


Crabs looking crabby, all lined up


Peeled crabmeat


Treasures Found

9 Jan

With M2 and her cousin in my office, I was kept busy. During their first two weeks, I shared with them some basic graphic design knowledge just so they understand what we really do. Hubby, for his part, taught them office administrative duties. Then the next two weeks, both girls worked on emptying my store room that has accumulated twenty years’ of printed work! Along the way, they found some treasures: photos from the pre-digital era!

Oh. My. God. Such classics – our wedding photo, M1 when she was a toddler, bad hair days captured in time, the twins when they were young, my Dad. The two girls certainly had a good laugh over these antiques while I was pleasantly surprised they found them.

It made me realize we should make a stronger effort to take better care of printed photographs. Not only that, we should have some favorite pictures framed and put on display to remind us of the treasured moments. Otherwise it will be forgotten.

As we are now in the digital age, a lot of moments are captured but never printed. They are then stored in a mobile device, hard drive, computer or iCloud and hardly looked at again. It is always put off for when we ‘have time’ to do so.

Think about it, how often do you find yourself scrolling or searching your device looking for that one particular treasured moment? Sometimes you cannot even find it from the thousands of photos stored! How would someone else know what treasures you store in the photo album of your device? Nobody knows except you. This whole scenario makes me rethink my life in all the photos captured digitally.

It was a good decision then to have them clean out the store room for we may have totally lost these forgotten classic photos.

But Mummy, These are the Good Ones

24 Oct

One evening, I was commenting to the girls that I don’t seem to have a recent good picture of the two of them in my iPhone5S. My pictures are mostly on food, golf and places. Whenever I talk proudly of them to friends, the only pictures that I could show off (of them) were the US Great Adventure Road Trip ones, and they are like 2 years old! Eeesh.

So M2 cleverly airdropped some pictures of them to my phone, convincing me that these are the good ones. This is what I received.



Thanks Bob Clayton

16 Jan


The community post-Bob Clayton era seems to be doing well. In fact, thriving and happy. So far there has not been any further deaths after his selfless sacrifice except for my phone.

I was admiring the aquarium with its yet-unnamed inhabitants a few days ago and I thought, “Aww… Aren’t you all so pretty!” and decided to take a picture to capture the prettiness, using my iPhone4.

I don’t know what happened exactly but I recall as I was about to swipe the camera from the locked state (of the phone) into action, it did not kick in. Am I that clumsy? I swiped again. And again no response. Then total darkness on the screen!

Horrors! What have I done?! I tried to press the home button. Blackness. I tried the On/Off button. Again blackness. Trying to maintain an unnatural natural calmness in this predicament, I announced, “My phone died.” to hubby and the girls.

“Yay! Mummy can get a new phone!”

“It died?” “How? What happened?”

Obviously there was concern but nobody came rushing forth to comfort me. M2 offered to fiddle with it but confirmed that it was indeed dead. Oh dear. What am I going to do?

Thank goodness the superhero Google Mum in me surfaced and, using the iPad Mini, managed to find the solution to the problem! The iPhone4 has been rescued and up and running fine since. Phew.

Can I Have a Camera?

19 Jun

Sometime early last year, M2 wrangled a camera from the hubby. Said she wanted to pursue photography and he obliged. He bought a decent three hundred Ringgit digital camera but sold it to her because since there were no exams and no targets to meet, one cannot simply be rewarded.

Undaunted, she whipped out the amount – saved tediously from all her weekly school allowance – and handed over the cash.

And so the photography craze began. There were pictures of mostly Rooney, her pet frog then, some drawings, the other pets and mundane stuff.

However, time passed and life caught up with homework and school assignments and the photography interest waned.

One day, hubby asked, “So how’s the camera? Any good pictures?” Silence. Then, “I stopped taking pictures. Can I sell the camera back to you?”

“Sell the camera back to me? Hmm. How much?” queried the hubby.

“Three hundred Ringgit,” M2 stated confidently.

“What?! Same price as you bought from me? You can’t do that. It is a used item now and should be cheaper,” argued the hubby.

“No. Now it comes loaded with pictures! So there’s value to it.”

Defeated, the hubby paid for the camera, value-added with an SD card loaded with pictures of Rooney, M2’s pet frog, her drawings, the other pets and mundane stuff.