Are Journals Dead?

8 Jan

It is several days into the new year and every time in the year prior, I would debate whether to get a good old physical journal or diary to document the coming new year. This year hubby ‘decided’ for me and gave me a leather orange diary which he received from TNT, our business partner. And like every year, I would contemplate should I use one or not.

Last year, I got myself a small little Moleskine diary which sadly, I used only to keep a record of all my passwords for things that require remembering passwords. Frankly, between the Calendar, Notes and Reminder apps in my iPhone5S and iPad Mini plus my daily blogs, there is no more need for a journal. Accessing and documenting information is always at my fingertip with hardly a stretch of my hands to my ever close-by devices. The diary however, has become an obsolete object or relic of sorts, because it is always in the handbag, office bag or at home, untouched.

But the orange TNT diary is rather beautiful looking. Maybe I will transfer all my passwords from the Moleskine to the new TNT diary. After all, I did the same the year before, transferring all these information from an earlier diary to the beautiful Moleskine.

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