The MacGyver Hack

6 Aug

I have always have this tendency to fix things whenever they break or fall apart. Call it my MacGyver instincts, my handiwork usually works to prolong the usage, with the thing given a new lease of life.

If you grew up in the 80s like me, you would know who MacGyver is. Every week I stayed glued to the TV to watch MacGyver and admired his weekly fix-it-all ingenuity. He fascinated me so you could say I hardly threw stuff away if I can fix them up, just like MacGyver.

Last week, my Japanese slipper broke – the strap between the big and second toes, coming off from the sole. And me being me, liking the slippers very much, I didn’t want to replace them. So I thought about it for a couple of days and finally found the MacGyver solution to it. And it’s not glue to solve the problem.

I used a straw! Isn’t it clever?


A straw, stapler and cellotape is all you need! Easy peasy.

It’s hard to explain but with a stapler and cellotape (which was actually unnecessary), the contraption worked out well and I saved my slippers from being thrown out, being good as new again!

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