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In Full Swing

24 Dec

As work in the office is slowing down for the year-end holidays with clients being on leave, the carving at home is in full swing because I now have more time, coming home earlier than normal. With so many pieces to do all at once, the table is a mess.

There’s Gnomes and Whales to carve, Citizens and Monuments to varnish and new pieces to think about, it’s a never ending process but fun.


Such a Difference

3 Feb

The reality of the office now closer to get to is something I am slowly get used to. The old office was 18km away, each way, from home.

When we first moved to where we live now, I had measured the distances from each checkpoint of the highway – house to toll, toll to toll and toll to office. I even tried two alternative routes for choice.

But over the years, the shorter route saw an increase in toll charges and the other, a toll free route, was facing a highway construction that resulted in heavy traffic daily. So it wasn’t worthwhile to plough these two routes.

Now? I did a checkpoint measure from home and we are a mere 5km (to) and 6km (from) away! Such a difference.

Internet Woes

2 Feb

Last week I did not work. Not so much from lack of work but the office internet was down the whole week due to a gnawed cable downstairs, a situation beyond our control.

It was tough to juggle. Our high dependency on connectivity is so necessary nowadays and the moment we are not online, we seem so lost being disconnected. I used my phone’s data plan only for the necessary and even then, nothing could be done. Better to go home early and use the house wifi to stay connected. Or go play golf, which I did!

Thankfully the problem has been fixed and no more playing around this week, not even for my virtual games. Several hundred emails await…


So Intense

2 Oct

It’s been a long time since I was last creatively challenged. I guess I have not been working intensely enough. My current design project has left me brain-drained night after night. 
The last super intense project that I can recall had me far worse off than now was ten years ago! The client never left me alone, chasing me right now to when I returned from a family vacation from Melbourne. The minute I landed and switched on my mobile, the phone rang! Aargh… Situation like this you remember a lifetime.

Six months after I finally completed that project, I discovered a patch of white hair at the lower right back of my skull. Creative patch, literally? Evidence of all the dead creative cells, that’s for sure!

While the current project has not resulted in any white patch (yet), it is not taking six months either. It is more of the creative differences within this short intense week that are enough to drain me and give me a splitting headache every night. Sigh…

I hope this will end soon so that I can resume my non-exciting life of crushing candies and playing golf.


Back to Routine

5 May

Every time after a good holiday, the energy is sapped and the Monday we face is almost with trepidation. The act of getting ready for work is lagging and the thoughts are running wild.

How many emails will I be looking at? How much work has piled up? Will I be stressed immediately? Will I have to work late? That’s the reality of being back to routine. I guess we have to just take it in stride while at the back of the mind, a little seed to plot the next getaway is taking shape…

Taking a Break

11 Oct

The last few days has been a madcap rush as hubby and I are wrapping up work so that we can go away for a much needed break.

Wait a minute! Didn’t we go for a break recently (to Paris)? Yes and no. I went for a break visiting museums, he went for work visiting the business partner. So this time we are both taking a break.

But we are not going alone; the creative team from the office are coming along. It’s our annual company trip and we all deserve it!

It’s timely to take a break from overload, from work, from stress, from life and all else will or may be put on hold. Yes, even taking a break from Candy Crush. And Zookeeper Battle. And minding the children, and….

Stay tuned.