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A Breather

17 Mar

In between the eating and last minute things to do or buy for M1, I still have a breather now and then with my virtual games. 

For Candy Crush, I have completed Gummy Galaxy, the last chapter available on the iPad and after being stuck at Level 861 of Truffle Terrace on the laptop, I finally crossed it yesterday morning.

As for Candy Crush Soda, I have progressed well to Level 261 and Farm Heroes at Level 713. Even my  Zookeeper Battle, I have battled more than 7,000 battles! These games are not a waste of time but are good distractions from having to worry too much for her impending departure.

Mixed Feelings

29 Dec

This year’s Christmas is a rather long break for us. Hubby and I opted to close the office on Boxing Day too as things are rather slow. With a four and a half day break, all we do is eat and make merry.

We managed to sneak in a golf game to reduce the guilt of eating too much. Other than this, it’s just vegetating on the couch and not much else because weather has been crappy, raining all the time, staying home was a much better option than being out. But of course there’s the candy crushing, farm crop harvesting and soda popping, all couch potato activity.

On the game front, Farm Heroes has progressed on to Level 619 and Candy Crush Soda at Level 105. Even my Zookeeper Battle, I have surpassed my 7000th battle. But Candy Crush remains status quo. I have not moved at all from Level 751 and this is creating a lot of mixed feelings in me. Agony, frustration, annoyance… Sigh.



My ‘best’ attempt had 44 candies left, hardly qualifying as ‘best’ I think. Am I losing my candy crushing ability, I wonder? I just hope I don’t usher in the new year still sitting Level 751 for my Candy Crush. Double sigh…

Remember These Numbers

16 Dec

It’s a known fact that I play only four games on my iPad: Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Soda and Zookeeper Battle. Now remember these levels for all mentioned except Zookeeper, they are just so darn hard to pass – Level 751, Level 597 and Level 90 respectively.

Many times I wonder why I subject myself to such unnecessary stress and emotional turmoil especially when the games become so intense and always at that so near yet so far moments. Sigh…


The Bags are Packed! Part 2

5 Dec

I don’t know what happened but my Zookeeper Battle app is not functioning at all on the iPad! Cannot launch at all since last night. But the game (and the other games) would have to take a backseat for now. We are to leave the house at 9.00am sharp to avoid the morning highway jam. You never know what’s ahead (in traffic) when you have a flight to catch!

Hubby and I decided to fly Malaysia Airlines (MH) again, for practicality as far as luggages are concerned. If we opt for the budget AirAsia, every single add on comes at a cost in comparison to the full service MH where all things are included. Sometimes the difference can be minimal or not much, it is better then to go with a full fledge airline to avoid the hassle. Traveling with children is always best with the full service choice.

Where are we going? Aha! Stay tuned…

What Holiday?

7 Oct

We came home and felt drained. Somehow it felt as though we never went away. Things were put away and habits kicked in. I went about my Farm Heroes with a vengeance and managed to pass the incredibly hard 498. I am now at Level 503. Zookeeper Battle was also played while waiting for lives to recharge for Farm Heroes. And we also played with Roo, official pet number one, who missed us for the last four days.

As for Candy Crush, I only went in to send tickets and lives to friends. No point aggravating myself.

The girls woke up on time and are in school today, hubby left early for a meeting and I am in the office. The holiday is definitely over.


One Tough Cookie

16 Sep

Level 677 of Candy Crush is one tough cookie. I have been stuck here for sometime and has somehow lost the energy for the game. A quick check on Candy Crush Wiki listed it as THE one and it is certainly living up to its name. The appeal and determination has waned tremendously as I no longer reach for the laptop the moment I wake up to crush some candies first thing in the morning.

On top of this, I have also lost my mojo for Farm Heroes and even Zookeeper Battle, can you believe it? Could it be I have been busy with design work at the office that these distractions have taken a back seat? I suspect so…

Hopefully, projects in the office can be completed soon so that I can regain my focus to pass Level 462 of Farm Heroes, beat Level 677 of Candy Crush and get back into the top ranking in Zookeeper Battle.

Reading is Good

21 Aug

Zookeeper3I have forgotten how wonderful it is to read when my being glued to my games on the iPad consumes much of my free time. The author, Jennifer Probst, is enjoyable and creates vivid imagination with her style of story-telling! In two days, I have finished one book already and onto the second read.

Being stuck at Level 440 in Farm Heroes and Candy Crush turned out to be a blessing in disguise. For two days, I totally left my games, partly to enjoy the book I am reading and also to focus my energy on the book project that I am working on. When I went back to tackle Farm Heroes, taking a short break from reading, it was with renewed determination and I did it! Now, I face my nemesis, Rancid, at Level 441.

And the last two days, Candy Crush released its new chapter Fizzy Falls on Facebook. But this time, it required tickets for me progressed on from Glazed Grove to it; so I had to patiently wait for my fellow candy crushers to help me. And help they did. Thanks!

I guess reading has been good for I accomplished a lot. Even at work, the book project has progressed on smoothly. And… and… in Zookeeper Battle, I broke into the top ten thousand world ranking!!! Best ever position: 7938. A big yay to all these.

Back to Reading

19 Aug

The wait is unbearable for Candy Crush to open its new chapter on Facebook and Level 440 in Farm Heroes has been one tough nut to crack. On top of this patient-testing situation, I started a new book design project at the office and this has been consuming a lot of my thought process and time. So much has to be considered for the overall aesthetics of this 120-page book to look spectacular.

I need a distraction to destress but the situation of my games is not helping. Even with Zookeeper Battle, I can’t seem to focus despite peaking at 11,700 in world ranking.

So I decided to go back to reading. And for the first time, Nora Roberts is not keeping me company but another author, whom I discovered at the bookstore over the weekend. Jennifer Probst.

It’s been a good distraction so far.

Not a Wasted Weekend

11 Aug

MeZookeeper2The wifi at home at sucks! Thus affecting the weekend attempts at my games. I could not play Candy Crush on the laptop smoothly or even at all, rendering a short-lived happiness of the new chapter opening prior to the weekend.

Then my Farm Heroes, with its latest update for the iPad, keeps quitting upon launch and wasting lives. The frustration knows no bounds, I tell you.

Maybe I shouldn’t play so many games that rely on the wifi and go back to reading, particularly my Nora Roberts.

A small consolation, however, was an improvement in my world ranking for Zookeeper Battle at 16,598. Not bad…

But the biggest story happened on Sunday. At my golf club’s monthly medal challenge for this month, I emerged the winner in the Ladies category! This makes up for all that frustration as the last two events are definitely significant achievements overshadowing the wifi issues.

It’s So Absurd!

7 Aug

I am still sitting forlornly at Level 635 in Candy Crush. Each day passes with nothing happening. Sigh. And now in Farm Heroes, I am facing an absurd task at Level 416 – obtain 130 apples and 200 strawberries in 19 moves! How? 19 moves… quite impossible and I may be stuck here for some time. Double sigh.

But on a bright side, in Zookeeper Battle, I have achieved a personal best! Recently, with each battle that I won, I would snap a picture to capture my world position; in case I lost and my achievement was not made known. But I kept winning the last few battles, hence I had many victory shots. M1 asked why there’s so many of the same thing in my iPhone5S without realizing the small world ranking detail. For this remark, I’d say none zoo-battlers are forgiven.

Proud to say, at press time, that I am at 31,848 in the world ranking for Zookeeper Battle in the app itself. However, in Game Center, it’s a different rank altogether but I never bother with Game Center anyway.

Prior to this position, I was ranked 33,623; 35,668; 36,495; 39,737; 42,262; 45,231; 48,892; 57,236; 60,426 and 63,870. That’s how many pictures I took with each move up the rankings.

Spot the ranking 31,848!

Spot the ranking 31,848!