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Beer’s the Culprit, Part 2

19 Apr

Last week I was semi-convinced drinking beer was the culprit of my weight gain. This week, the suspicion has been reaffirmed.

This whole week, there was a lack of discipline because of timing and temptation. After the weekend escapade, we got home late because of rain and traffic, so there wasn’t time to do grocery. And when there’s no grocery done, there’s no salad lunches but regular hawker fare, noodles. Furthermore on Monday night, we had gym and no window for grocery-shopping still.


The brewery visit, at the first stop for pictures

On Tuesday night, we had an invitation to visit Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia – an opportunity not to be missed, we went for it. Forget the 16/8 diet and the self-imposed restriction to avoid beer. It’s Carlsberg and Kronenbourg, how can I refuse?


Visitors had to wear an orange vest for easy identification

It was interesting to see the beer-making process. Besides Carlsberg and Kronenbourg 1664, there are other labels too. My first encounter with Kronenbourg 1664 was back in 2013 when we went to Paris. What a lovely beer! It took sometime before this label came to Malaysia and now it’s brewed locally.

Paris Jul 2013

My first encounter with Kronenbourg in Paris, 2013

That night, after the tour of the brewery, there was free flow drinks. And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, hubby on Connor’s, Carlsberg and Brooklyn Lager, me on Somersby Sparkling Rose, Sparkling White and Kronenbourg 1664.


Looks a lot but it’s not


Feature beer wall at the brewery’s watering hole

So I am not surprised the weigh-in this morning showed an increase of 1.2lbs, the beer being the culprit again. Oh well. I am unperturbed, I figured I gotta live a little and enjoy the beer. Next week when I am back on the 16/8 and be more disciplined, the minor setback will be fixed.

A New Tracker, Part 2

19 Aug

I have been using a fitness tracker for many years and currently using the wearable Xiaomi Mi Band2. I started off with the simple Tanita pedometer that tracks steps, distance and calories. It was perfect until I misplaced it.

So when we were in Paris back in 2013, I used an app on my iPhone to track my steps. But that didn’t work out too well. I remember I lost count on several thousand steps when I was walking from one museum to another. Upset, I bought another tracker from Decathlon, a sports store in Paris to use.

But the Geonaute OnStep 100 pedometer was big and clunky and I was stuck with it until out of the blue, I found my first pedometer. I ended up alternating each to use. And it was a hassle because of battery replacement issues.

Soon after, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S came about and I was on to it, casting the two pedometers aside. Now, with the latest Mi Band2, missed counts, dead batteries and clunkiness are no longer an issue to stress over and the Mi Band 1S joins the other two in retirement despite having new replacement strap.

You served me well, thanks


My Goodness!

20 Nov

The last time I traveled at an ungodly hour was when I was flying off to Paris with hubby and my older sibling. They were going for a meeting and I was going to see Mona Lisa. It was 2013. Since then, we’ve avoided such horrid timing where we have to leave for the airport in the wee hours of the morning.

Even my golf trips with my regular group is not at such an inconvenient hour. It is because this time, I am going with the Club to Kuching, East Malaysia and the whole group is taking a chartered bus from the Club to KLIA2. Such an ungodly hour has to be adhered to. Sigh.

What to do? I really don’t want to take a cab by myself at 4.00am in the morning to the airport, nor do I want to make hubby send me to the airport. But he’s nice enough to send me to the Club by 2.30am to hop on the bus, scheduled to depart at 3.00am, I cannot complain.

The group is scheduled to fly by 7.10am for three Interclub games. It will be a tiring but interesting weekend.

One Track Mind

11 May

It was a quirky conversation after dinner. The night before we left for Tawau, Sabah, M2 sounded envious that we were going away again.

Out of the blue, she declared, “Let’s go to Your-rope!”

“Your-rope?” I raised my eyebrow, “you mean Europe.” I was emphasizing the “you” instead of “your” in the pronunciation.

“No, Your-rope,” she reiterated.

I was intrigued, “Why? Don’t you want to go to USA instead to visit your sister?”

“I’ve never been to Your-rope.” Ahh. I’ve been enlightened.

“I know,” I replied her. But before I could go on, she blurted out, “London! But you’ve been there.”

I nodded.

“Paris! Hmm… You’ve been there too. Rome? Been there! See? I am replying for you to me! You’ve been to all these places and I have not,” she said.

“Well, you’ve been to the good places starting with the letter ‘S’,” I pointed out to her, “Singapore, San Francisco and Sydney but Sydney doesn’t quite count cos I was four months pregnant with you.”


“Let’s go to Your-rope!”

“When you are older, ok?”

Pre-vacation Get Together

4 Nov

It’s been awhile traveling abroad with friends. My last few travels have been with—let’s see—hubby (Singapore), hubby and sibling (Paris), hubby again (local golf escapade) and hubby & office staff (Bali).

I have various travel groups for different travel categories: ‘all-girls trips’ are with friends since childhood whom I grew up together with; ‘couples trips’ are with married couple friends (sans children) and so on.

Now I have never traveled afar with this group of friends. Not new in the friendship but new in traveling together. As such, it was only the right thing to do to have dinner together to get to know them beyond the usual social golf meets.

Two weeks ago, hubby and I dined with the group whom I will be traveling with for my next destination. While hubby is not going for that trip, he joined us for dinner. Despite the handful who could not make it that night, it was good camaderie as we bonded over dinner, wine, whiskey and homemade cheese cake. I am sure when the group is whole, it will be even more merry-making and one blast of a trip!

Definitely looking forward to it tomorrow…


I Ate Your Cheese

18 Oct

I like cheese, so do the girls. Besides the usual cheddar and cream cheese, we enjoy Feta, Brie and Camembert as well. Recently, I took a liking to Emmental, having had that quite a bit from my recent Paris trip, so I buy it occasionally to savour.

Several weeks ago, M1 said, “Mummy, I ate your mental cheese.”


“You know… The one you bought recently, mental cheese, I ate some this morning.”

Emmental. Mental. Heheheh…


Homeward Bound

14 Oct

We arrived in Bali in the new MH B737-800 (notice the big iPad-like touchscreen?) and going back to KL in the more spacious 777-200 (albeit with a smaller screen, like a Samsung 7″ tab but much bigger than the Nintendo sized screen of Air France when I went to Paris in July).

Thankfully I managed to catch the last 45 minutes of Man of Steel, which I had watched when Bali-bound and could not finish on time upon arrival then.

Contented now after the meal and a satisfying coffee, I count the hours until I see my girls at home.


The iPad-sized touchscreen of the B737-800.


The 7″ Tab-like sized touchscreen in the 777-200.

Taking a Break

11 Oct

The last few days has been a madcap rush as hubby and I are wrapping up work so that we can go away for a much needed break.

Wait a minute! Didn’t we go for a break recently (to Paris)? Yes and no. I went for a break visiting museums, he went for work visiting the business partner. So this time we are both taking a break.

But we are not going alone; the creative team from the office are coming along. It’s our annual company trip and we all deserve it!

It’s timely to take a break from overload, from work, from stress, from life and all else will or may be put on hold. Yes, even taking a break from Candy Crush. And Zookeeper Battle. And minding the children, and….

Stay tuned.

We Don’t Like Shopping

24 Sep

Unlike other female species, I am considered an unusual one for I don’t like shopping. Put me in a mall for three hours or more, browsing through things or whatever, I find it quite an ordeal. Breathing becomes difficult as I always argue it is the lack of oxygen with so many people inside the enclosed building that causes this discomfort. And walking becomes taxing when the lack of oxygen kicks in, causing pain in the joints and legs.

Really strange coming from someone who can traverse almost halfway around the globe and walk 8km throughout the city of Paris or about 6km to 8km on a golf course anytime!

So when it comes to shopping, thankfully, my girls are like me and share the same sentiments on the breathing and walking issues. We hardly go shopping and will only do so if necessary.


The Good Host Continues

21 Aug

The good host role continues! Today hubby and I went to the mall after work to buy some gifts for M3 who will leave us tomorrow. It is only befitting to return her gesture with things that will remind her of her visit and short stay with us.

But the short time at the mall wasn’t a pleasant experience. I had foot cramps! Omg! How could this be? Me, a golfer and world traveler who could walk 8km in Paris recently but not even two thousand steps in the mall! Useless, I chastised myself.

Soon the purchases were completed and we fought our way through rush hour to bring all three ‘M’s out for dinner.

Tonight we will go for a steamboat dinner as last night, dinner was at home and the previous night, at a Nyonya restaurant. All in all I think M3 is experiencing equally interesting delicacies other than the more famous nasi lemak, roti canai, char kueh teow and banana leaf rice.