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Where’s the Bluetooth Icon?

18 Jan

There are some things in life we take for granted. Like the Wifi symbol, it must show when there’s connectivity or the Bluetooth symbol to show that it’s turned on.

I didn’t realize the Bluetooth icon was dropped (from its usual top right place) by Apple when I updated to iOS12 last year. Maybe because I don’t use it often (syncing my Mi Band2 only once in a blue moon) and the phone automatically connects to my car whenever I get in without me having to fuss over it. So the disappearance went undetected.

It came as a mild annoyance in early January when I discovered that my Mi Band2 suddenly could not connect to my iPhone5S. How could this be? It could connect in December when we were in Penang. Anyway, I must have been having a bad day because I decided to give a one-star on Mi Fit’s Review on the AppStore, highlighting the inability to sync problem. But I didn’t pursue further after that and left it as is.

Two nights ago, the app had an update. And I thought, Aha! They must have read my review and decided to fix the bug. So I updated the Mi Fit app, thinking the syncing would be resolved.

But nothing happened. Hmm.

The Mi Band2 still could not sync and that was when I discovered that the Bluetooth icon went missing. Initially a sense of panic kicked in. Oh no! My phone has developed another illness. Already dying with the battery issue, now this?! I was aghast.

I had done the ‘Forget this Device’ step, rebooted the phone and yet, the Bluetooth icon couldn’t be seen nor can the phone detect the band. It was so frustrating, I even contemplated giving up my Mi Band2 if the problem persisted. The survival of my phone was more critical. Then I read up in forums and learnt that the Bluetooth icon was dropped. Eeesh.

Another last resort attempt…

I deleted the Mi Fit app but not before syncing all the data to the Health app and downloaded it again. Crossing my fingers, I signed in and voila! My Mi Band2 finally synced. Phew. What an unnecessary scare that was.

As for the missing Bluetooth icon, I’ve decided to manually manage its appearance, opening Control Center and swiping it ON or OFF now that I know the little icon won’t be sitting on the top right anymore.


To have it ON or OFF, that is the question!

Internet Woes

2 Feb

Last week I did not work. Not so much from lack of work but the office internet was down the whole week due to a gnawed cable downstairs, a situation beyond our control.

It was tough to juggle. Our high dependency on connectivity is so necessary nowadays and the moment we are not online, we seem so lost being disconnected. I used my phone’s data plan only for the necessary and even then, nothing could be done. Better to go home early and use the house wifi to stay connected. Or go play golf, which I did!

Thankfully the problem has been fixed and no more playing around this week, not even for my virtual games. Several hundred emails await…

Can’t Live Without Them

24 Apr

Although the last five days in Thailand we had sporadic wifi connectivity, my virtual games went on as they can be played without connection. It’s amazing that I even have the strength to hold up my iPad and poke at it to move candies and farm animals after a long hot day out on the golf course, followed by a bout of drinking during dinner and waking up at 5.30am the next morning only to repeat this routine for four days.

And there has been progress despite the minimal time with the iPad. Candy Crush finally moved and now at Level 894, Farm Heroes at Level 735 and Candy Crush Soda at Level 336. Looks like it will be full swing at them this weekend!

What! No Wifi?!

23 Feb

The few days we were back in hubby’s hometown was good and tough. Good because we got a chance to see all the elders and hubby’s cousins with their young families, enjoy his aunty’s mouth watering home cooked food and basically have a good time away from the office. The children also had the opportunity to bond with their cousins too.

The tough part was having almost no wifi, hence no connectivity. All of us had our devices but only two phones had data plan, so we were forced to practice limited usage and just learn to live life without internet. It was indeed tough.

Luckily my games could be played offline and I progressed on to Level 829 for Candy Crush, Level 678 for Farm Heroes and Level 208 for Candy Crush Soda during my time there. Otherwise, I think I would rake up my data plan bill!

Thank goodness we are back home (by Saturday) and connected (to the internet) again.

Not a Wasted Weekend

11 Aug

MeZookeeper2The wifi at home at sucks! Thus affecting the weekend attempts at my games. I could not play Candy Crush on the laptop smoothly or even at all, rendering a short-lived happiness of the new chapter opening prior to the weekend.

Then my Farm Heroes, with its latest update for the iPad, keeps quitting upon launch and wasting lives. The frustration knows no bounds, I tell you.

Maybe I shouldn’t play so many games that rely on the wifi and go back to reading, particularly my Nora Roberts.

A small consolation, however, was an improvement in my world ranking for Zookeeper Battle at 16,598. Not bad…

But the biggest story happened on Sunday. At my golf club’s monthly medal challenge for this month, I emerged the winner in the Ladies category! This makes up for all that frustration as the last two events are definitely significant achievements overshadowing the wifi issues.

This is Embarrassing

20 Jun

It was a case of really bad connection at home that resulted in my devices not synching the weekend before; nothing wrong at all with them. When I went to the office the next day, all’s well and up to date. Rotating between my desktop, iPad Mini and iPhone5S, I have progressed on to Level 350 for my Farm Heroes.

Staying Connected Anytime, Anywhere

20 May

The mobile phone is truly a wonderful must-have device today, keeping us all connected 24/7. With the variety of smartphones available now and with apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime and iMessage to name the ones I use, we are always connected, be it the normal telco connection or via wifi/3G. During the dinosaur era when I was 17, mobile phones were unheard of and I would be hogging the house phone for hours to continue conversations from school with my best buddies.

But of course, you don’t see that with the children of today, hogging the house phone that is. They tweet, Skype, Instagram or status update on Facebook. However, with more and more social app choices available, it is hard to keep up. All I know is my girls are using something that I am not!

When M1 turned 12, both the hubby and I decided maybe it was time for her to have her very first mobile phone. But being only 12, we felt the phone shouldn’t be very expensive yet has all the cool functions. We got her a Sony Ericsson and put her on a post-paid plan instead of pre-paid. The rational was to monitor the calls instead of capping the usage at a monthly fixed pre-paid cost.

That first year, she must have discovered the wonders of staying connected anytime, anywhere. Ten months into ownership, her bill came to a whopping figure, it shocked the daylights out of dear hubby! The amount was more than what he and me uses—combined—for a month! My goodness, you could see smoke coming out from his ears… The punishment: deductions from the daily allowance to settle the bill.

Since then I guess M1 must have learnt her lesson for whenever I try to call her, it is so difficult to get her. She hardly or never picks up or answers the call promptly and will always go to message, which annoys the daylights out of me. Everytime. Hrmph.

When M2 turned 12 last year, the thought of getting her a mobile phone never crossed our minds after our experience with M1. So we left the situation as it is although she had hinted for a mobile phone every now and then. Whenever the situation arises, and in order to justify her need for a mobile phone, I would gently remind her by asking where is the old Samsung phone that she had inherited from me. Knowing full well the reply would be “I don’t know…” it was a practical reminder to her that she is not ready yet to own a mobile phone.

Undeterred, she found a way to overcome this. Proudly she tells me she has been saving her pocket money to buy one, sharing her dreams to have the latest Samsung models or the Apple iPhone5S. I even encouraged her to keep up the good saving trait. But my child being my child, she daringly pestered me to upgrade my phone to the iPhone5S so that she could inherit my old iPhone4; thus her saved funds can be used for something else! Behind the efforts taken, she was worried the fund was very slow to grow and lamented that by the time it became sufficient, she would be looking at probably, an iPhone10! While I did not budge on the upgrade idea, circumstances had me changing my phone this year. So now I have a spanking new iPhone5S and the old iPhone4 is just laying around, doing nothing but collecting dust waiting for new ownership.

And the lure of owning a phone has cropped up again with the 13-year old M2 who aspires to stay connected anytime anywhere with her friends, more than her parents. It remains to be seen whether the old iPhone4 remains to collect dust or be adopted.

So the house phone still has its usage after all.