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Short People Travel Too

28 Mar

Although throughout the school holiday week, we did not go anywhere due to M2 wanting to prepare for her exams, we did go away on the last weekend before school reopened. We joined our golf club for two away-Interclub matches, a 2D/1N trip to Port Dickson and Malacca. It was a good short getaway I must say.

When we stayed overnight in Malacca at Kings Green Hotel, I was impressed with the hotel on two things: the pillows and hooks in the bathroom. The pillows were plump and just right! And the bed was equally good with the right firmness. For once, I didn’t have to whip out my travel pillow, which I brought along, to have a good night’s sleep. And the bathroom hooks! There was ample which is rare, with a row of four hooks at a height that short people appreciates.

This reminds me of our last hotel stay in December last year.

We were in Ho Chi Minh City when M1 was back for her Christmas break. The hotel we stayed at, Sunrise Central Hotel was pretty strategic. Located in District 1, just next to Grand Silverland Hotel (which I stayed at during my June golf trip last year as well), it was within walking distance to food and shopping. The room may be small compared to Grand Silverland’s room but was decent. However, one thing irked me.

There were just not enough hooks to hang clothes in the bathroom and the only one available was way too high! It is as though such tourist hotels are catered only to tall people with an easy reach to hang up their clothes or towel.

The bathroom door actually had a glass panel (unusual with such a feature) and there was no practical place for the hook to be except way above the glass panel. Why didn’t they consider having the hook at the wall right behind the door at a reachable height instead? The hook was at least a good six feet high or more.

I am average in height for an Asian at 156cm (5 feet 1.5 inches), not short but not tall either. When I stretched my arm up to measure the height of the hook, my arm was pretty straight upwards and I still had to be on tip toe to hang my towel. I don’t think this is right, is it? I can’t imagine how my girls dealt with it, as they are slightly shorter than me. Even the closet, the rod inside was pretty high up. Sigh…

Usually when such situations arose, I would, albeit reluctantly just put down the toilet seat cover and place my clean clothes on it because I don’t like to walk into a cold room after a hot shower even with a snugly wrapped towel. All that nice after-shower toasty feeling would be lost immediately once the cold air hits the skin.

Whoever assigned the contractors or installers to put these things up should remember that short people travel too and these things are important to us. And to consider adding another hook in the bathroom as well for practicality. Goodness only knows how clean (or unclean) those toilet seat covers are and for me, after a long day playing tourist, I seriously don’t need to do any yoga stretches in the bathroom to get to my clothes.


These babies were so comfy!


The row of hooks just above my eyebrows



Sports Day

3 Mar

Tomorrow M2 will be having her Sports Day and for the past several weeks, she has been staying back after classes to prepare for it. My M2 is in the cheer team besides participating in the compulsory track and field events.

Being involved in these activities, she felt she needed to put in some extra practice so that she will do well on the actual day. Even on weekends, she and her friends would go to school to practice their cheer routine. Such dedication.

During my time when I was in high school, I don’t recall ever wanting to stay back after school. Even when Sports Day was around the corner, I didn’t have such dedication and determination like M2.

I guess back then, school was not the nicest place to hang out after classes. I remember there was one time, there were rumors that the main bathroom was haunted! Who would want to stay back after school with such news circulating? How to go to the bathroom?

Oh man… now that I think about it, it’s hilarious. There were stories of a blood-sucking white bedsheet-clothed vampire lurking in the bathroom. And if one goes in there, the poor soul would be possessed, attacked or worst, left for dead! My goodness (chortle), such wild imagination we had back then as teenagers.

Whether it was true or not, I certainly avoided the main bathroom during school hours. And if I really had to, I would use the teachers’ bathroom at a different block away from the main bathroom building. As for my Sports Day, sadly nothing worthy to be remembered.

Taking a Break

11 Oct

The last few days has been a madcap rush as hubby and I are wrapping up work so that we can go away for a much needed break.

Wait a minute! Didn’t we go for a break recently (to Paris)? Yes and no. I went for a break visiting museums, he went for work visiting the business partner. So this time we are both taking a break.

But we are not going alone; the creative team from the office are coming along. It’s our annual company trip and we all deserve it!

It’s timely to take a break from overload, from work, from stress, from life and all else will or may be put on hold. Yes, even taking a break from Candy Crush. And Zookeeper Battle. And minding the children, and….

Stay tuned.