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Bags are Finally Home

4 Jul

Yesterday the bags were finally delivered, at 9.55pm! It was a long day for us waiting for them and the bags, I supposed for their delay and ‘adventure’.

I must say, the last three days I wasn’t overly stressed over our delayed bags. Sure there was some anxiety initially because of the unknown and no updates. But soon after, there was confidence that KLM would sort it out. It was just a matter of time.

For such a global airline, KLM was very approachable when they responded to my queries rather quickly in my opinion. They had many channels to be contacted: Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, email, WhatsApp and Customer Contact Centre.

I chose WhatsApp because to me, the other platforms were either too worldly or corporate and not personal enough. The key here is being approachable rather than professional and I am glad I chose this channel.

The exchanges with KLM on WhatsApp helped bring them down to a more personal level and faster too, giving a lot more reassurance than email, which I used with a regional airline in April and they responded a day later.

Lessons learned here: always label your check-in bags (which we did), buy travel insurance (which we did too and will claim for the delay), make full use of the best and fastest communication platform to stay informed thus, avoiding stress and have a positive attitude towards the situation, it helps.

Taking a Break

11 Oct

The last few days has been a madcap rush as hubby and I are wrapping up work so that we can go away for a much needed break.

Wait a minute! Didn’t we go for a break recently (to Paris)? Yes and no. I went for a break visiting museums, he went for work visiting the business partner. So this time we are both taking a break.

But we are not going alone; the creative team from the office are coming along. It’s our annual company trip and we all deserve it!

It’s timely to take a break from overload, from work, from stress, from life and all else will or may be put on hold. Yes, even taking a break from Candy Crush. And Zookeeper Battle. And minding the children, and….

Stay tuned.