I Need a Plaster

1 Jul


There must be something magical or addictive to having a plaster (band-aid) stuck on the body. Worn like a proud badge over a war wound, little children simply loves it for its sense of security and magical healing powers.

When M1 was young, she adored having plasters on her limbs. Whenever she discovers a mosquito bite, she’d ask for a plaster to cover it. But when there were several mosquito bites, it became ridiculous, I had to put a stop to it. So I decreed, “You put a plaster over it only if there is blood, ok? No blood, no plaster!”

So the next time, she had a mosquito bite, she cleverly scratched the spot until blood oozed out. “See? Got blood. I need a plaster.” Sigh.

The obsession with the plaster thankfully ended when M1 got older. Now it’s M2’s turn, plastering even a surface scratch. Let’s see how long this addiction will last.

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