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Friday the 13th

9 Mar

A day before the ominous Friday the 13th in December last year, my MacBook Air crashed and died. I never saw it coming although there were tell tale signs of instability after installing MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 a few weeks earlier. I caved in and updated because of iTunes and my iPhone XR. To cut a long story short, I had to update the OS in order to have the latest version of iTunes that could sync with the iPhone XR. Otherwise, I could not back up my phone, something that I don’t do that often.

So all was fine and dandy except a few small matters like several of the softwares. The Adobe and Microsoft softwares that I have—essential but not critical—could no longer be used because the versions I have were not supported with the 10.15.1 OS. But since I hardly use those softwares these days and I could back up my iPhone XR, this was all that mattered I rationalized.

On that faithful eve of the ominous day, I had my Skype launched and ready to have the weekly session with M1. Suddenly, the app was acting up and I had to restart the laptop. Several times in fact. A prompt came up and caught my eye – the OS needed to be updated with Catalina 10.15.2.

Reflecting back the several instances of instability and the recent wonky behavior of Skype, I thought perhaps it was best to update the OS. Bad idea, really bad, bad idea.

The laptop could not install the OS and hung several times. A black screen kept appearing with each restart. Uh oh. Even with Global Network Recovery and all the steps I could find online could not save my MacBook! Oh no….

The next day, Friday the 13th I went to Machines, a local authorized Apple reseller to see what could be done. To my dismay, Machines no longer provided support for older devices. Oh no! The apprehension of this ominous day struck.

My 11” MacBook Air is a 2012 model and deemed a vintage device and as such, do not qualify for further technical support. I was advised then to go to a third party repair shop. Do I have a choice at that point?

So off to a third party repair shop I went. Thankfully, these guys fixed the problem (they took a few days though) and I also had all my data recovered for an additional fee. Phew. My MacBook Air is now downgraded to MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 and should remain at this version for optimum performance.

But less than a month after that, the laptop acted up again resulting in the decision to do a total reformat. This was after backing up all the recovered data to an external drive. So so problematic.

While updates are good, it does not necessarily add value to older devices. One should be cautious before doing so, otherwise be prepared for some stress of losing data and then a little hole in the pocket to fix the damage and retrieve the precious.

Hopefully nothing disastrous will happen to my laptop on this ominous date this coming Friday. And I have since been backing up my iPhone XR on iCloud.

Becoming Obsolete

6 May

My iPad Mini is slowly becoming obsolete. Last week Pinterest couldn’t update and it riles me to have that number sitting in the corner of the App Store icon for a few days. But I left it as is because there was no mention of needing iOS10 and I could still use it.

However, this morning Pinterest was suddenly being installed although I didn’t do anything and it looked like it was stuck. So I restarted the iPad Mini, thinking this would help. The next thing I knew, my Pinterest icon was gone from the iPad! Yikes.

I then went into App Store to try to reinstall but there’s nothing for me to even click on to download. Why? Why? Why? It looks like arm twisting tactics here to push me to get a new iPad Mini.


How do I download PInterest when there’s nothing to click on?

Two weeks ago, it was something else. I found out I couldn’t launch iFlix (not Netflix but similar entertainment provider) because it required iOS10 and my Mini cannot update beyond iOS9.3.5. Sigh…

And several weeks ago, it was Skype that couldn’t be used because it also required iOS10. I checked online if there were anymore older versions of Skype (that can run on iOS9.3.5) but apparently, Microsoft no longer support old devices for it. The only solution if I wanted to use Skype is to buy a new iPad Mini, according to discussions on community forums out there!

Gee… I don’t think I want to do this especially when I now have an iPhone XR that is much faster and sufficient for my needs. Anyway, I didn’t download Skype on the phone nor do I want to have the app on my desktop computer. I simply resolved the usage predicament by bringing my MacBook Air to the office for the weekly Skype session with M1. Easy peasy. As for Pinterest, it is on the phone too.

It’s just a matter of time before the iPad Mini will be relegated to being another bedside clock, along with iPod, M2’s old iPhone 5C and my recently retired iPhone 5S. Sigh…

A Confession

11 Dec

I must confess I actually brought the MacBook Air along to Bangkok. Not so much for work but to play my games, played in Facebook and requires the Flash Player and the iPad does not have this capability.

So every night, back in our Junior suite after our outing, I would log on, first to collect the beans in Farm Heroes then to spin the Jackpot in Facebook. After this, I would attempt the other two, Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda, to try my luck to move on. It was a good thing because these games on the laptop are easier and in Candy Crush, I managed to move on to the next chapter, Marmalade Meadow. I am now at level 750.

One Crazed Farmer

26 Sep

Level 677 of Candy Crush continues to torment me. So I vent my frustration in Farm Heroes. Thankfully, there’s progress in the farm until now. I am at Level 480.

Last night, I was like one crazed farmer using 4 devices at one go, swapping between the laptop, iPad and both phones. Did I succeed? I wish. I guess I will be farming throughout the day. Hey, it’s Friday and I can take it easy at work.

Oops! I Did It Again

15 Nov

Back from my back-to-back travels, it’s so nice to be home. Done with the customary hugs and kisses, I got back to my candy crushing ways. And what a welcome! I managed to finish the Sugary Shire chapter, completing Level 470 and awaiting tickets as I pen this. I guess I have not lost my candy crushing skills despite being away from the game for nearly two weeks.

King.com has just been so slow. Their last update on the iPad to the Butterscotch Boulders chapter (Level 455) was pointless for me because I had progressed along on the laptop to the subsequent chapter, Sugary Shire. And if they do update for the iPad, it will still be pointless for me again as I have finished this chapter.

So yea… I did it again, beating the game developer on the iPad. At this point in time, the game on Facebook ends at Level 500. It may or may not have more chapters, we shall see. But I think once I reach that level, I will officially retire from the game, whether the updates on the iPad come along or not. Will life be the same again? Hmm…

It Finally Happened

20 Sep

Just when I least expected it, I crossed Level 410 on the laptop last Saturday! Yippee kah yay!!! And not only I received 3 stars for my gallant effort, I am the champion of the Polkapalooza episode. (Silly grin.)


I guess the love for the game continues as I will play on, on the laptop to march forth as I await the update on the iPad.

But as I do not play Candy Crush in the office—a statement that somewhat contradicts because I am a full time Candy Crusher and occasional graphic designer—the march will be slow. Currently, I am at Level 412 and the annoying tornadoes zipping here and there will make the march even slower.

I Feel Cheated!

6 Sep

Last night, I was going through my usual routine playing Candy Crush and then Zookeeper Battle, I decided to use the laptop to continue crushing candies for I had ran out of lives on the iPad.

Ever since arriving at Level 410, I have yet use the laptop to play the game. To my horror, I discovered that this level has a different and much easier layout in the app on Facebook compared to the app on the iPad! How could this be? I feel cheated!! Of my time, effort and energy, what more, lives wasted in my attempt to overcome this level.

The grid of the iPad app has four less squares on it, thus making it harder to conquer compared to the app on Facebook on the laptop.


iPad Mini: see the two left and right gaping spaces above the bombs?


MacBook Air: now see the same spots, not gaping but with candies over jellies!

With just that two extra squares on each side at the bottom, the playing field becomes totally different in strategies and moves to diffuse the bombs and eliminate the jellies. I have played the game long enough to know the level of difficulty and challenges thrown at us. So my level of authority on this is credible.

And for as long as I have been addicted to the game, this is the first time I am encountering a discrepancy in the grid on two different devices when it shouldn’t be. Hello… King.com Limited, you hear me? Fix it on the iPad so that my feeling cheated will not mar the love affair that I have with Candy Crush.