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Becoming Obsolete

6 May

My iPad Mini is slowly becoming obsolete. Last week Pinterest couldn’t update and it riles me to have that number sitting in the corner of the App Store icon for a few days. But I left it as is because there was no mention of needing iOS10 and I could still use it.

However, this morning Pinterest was suddenly being installed although I didn’t do anything and it looked like it was stuck. So I restarted the iPad Mini, thinking this would help. The next thing I knew, my Pinterest icon was gone from the iPad! Yikes.

I then went into App Store to try to reinstall but there’s nothing for me to even click on to download. Why? Why? Why? It looks like arm twisting tactics here to push me to get a new iPad Mini.


How do I download PInterest when there’s nothing to click on?

Two weeks ago, it was something else. I found out I couldn’t launch iFlix (not Netflix but similar entertainment provider) because it required iOS10 and my Mini cannot update beyond iOS9.3.5. Sigh…

And several weeks ago, it was Skype that couldn’t be used because it also required iOS10. I checked online if there were anymore older versions of Skype (that can run on iOS9.3.5) but apparently, Microsoft no longer support old devices for it. The only solution if I wanted to use Skype is to buy a new iPad Mini, according to discussions on community forums out there!

Gee… I don’t think I want to do this especially when I now have an iPhone XR that is much faster and sufficient for my needs. Anyway, I didn’t download Skype on the phone nor do I want to have the app on my desktop computer. I simply resolved the usage predicament by bringing my MacBook Air to the office for the weekly Skype session with M1. Easy peasy. As for Pinterest, it is on the phone too.

It’s just a matter of time before the iPad Mini will be relegated to being another bedside clock, along with iPod, M2’s old iPhone 5C and my recently retired iPhone 5S. Sigh…

Dispensing Marbles

13 Feb

Last week, an idea mooted to fill the gum ball machine up with marbles instead of M&M chocolate. Seems like a good idea if I want to be disciplined about dieting. I tried looking for the marbles at home that I know we have stashed away somewhere. Where? I need to recall.

When the girls were young and took weekly swimming lessons, the coach always rewarded them with marbles at the end of each lesson. Back then, these things were precious commodities and all the swimmers, my two girls included were very proud of their collection.

But as time passed and the girls grew up, the precious marbles were forgotten and more so when the swimming lessons stopped. In their place came the gaming and wifi-enabled devices – the Sony PSPs, the smart phones, iPods, iPod Shuffle and iPad Mini. This is a stark indicator of how times have changed, simple toys sidelined for technology-related toys.

Now maybe if I have the marbles in my gum ball machine to give them a new lease in life, I can have some fun during boring days at my desk. Let’s see how this will pan out. But first I have to recall where I last saw them. I am pretty sure they are somewhere in the closet because I kept them away just last year.

Times Have Changed

9 Jun

I look at M2 now having her school holidays and can’t help but reminisce what I did during my school holidays when I was 15 dinosaur years ago. 

Frankly, I don’t recall doing what she is doing now – sleeping in every morning (Mom would have my hide!), having late brunches, staying indoors as much as possible and surrounded by all the Apple devices: the iPhone to talk to friends on WhatsApp, the iPad for some playtime in between the studying at the dining table in the afternoon, the iPod and MacBook Air for goodness knows what else.

I do remember watching a fair bit of TV, playing with my dog in the garden, climbing my favorite tree, whacking a few tennis balls against the wall of the car porch, talking to imaginary friends and occasionally talking to a real friend on the house telephone. Half the time I was outdoors and never once I sat at the dining table to study!

Yep, times have changed. Gone are the days when one simply enjoys the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and not worry about keeping up. It was always a happy-go-lucky situation. Nowadays, it’s a constant worry to keep up, staying connected and being indoors!

Why Aren’t You Studying?

8 May

There was a time I called myself the Study Police. My duty was to ensure that M2 in particular (I didn’t have to worry about M1) would be bogged down with her books and studied until her brains oozed with instant answers in preparation for upcoming exams. Trust me, it was very stressful for both her and me.

But last year, the national education system changed, the school had to follow suit and suddenly, my Study Police role became obsolete. Things are now less exam-based. However, every now and then I will still need to check on her. Like last night.

“Why aren’t you studying? Why is the iPod in your hands?” I asked.

“I am,” M2 replied me, “I am studying.”

“With the iPod?” Disbelief in my voice.

“Yes. I am studying Pixar story plots.”

Ka-doosh. M2 at her best yet again!

Back to School

13 Jan

After a long school holiday break, it’s back to school but only for M2. She went back to school yesterday. She has had a pretty non-productive holiday in my opinion, watching her videos and shows online every single day.

When she is not doing so, her iPod is perpetually stuck on her hands either for her to listen to music or to play games. While she may find this a good way to lull her time away, I still feel it’s unproductive; unlike M1 who came to the office to work for me to learn some responsibility and earn some pocket money at the same time.

Well, then again I cannot fault her for we never went anywhere after the Bangkok trip. The most is to the mall on weekends. So I am glad school has reopened and our lives will be back to the normal routine.

The Good Old Days

12 Dec

Not too long ago, M2 was querying me about vinyl albums and gramophones. She had been surfing and found these classics fascinating, even up to the point to suggest that we should buy a gramophone for the house. When we were in Bangkok recently, she saw these things in the mall and gave me a knowing look with a wiggle of her eyebrows. It’s quite amazing that such classics appeal to her.

The younger generation of today is so deprived of such classics with the advancement of technology. All they ever have to music are their iPods, the computer and the internet. Purchasing physical CDs are also being phased out slowly with the easy availability of music purchases online, iTunes or otherwise.

I had flashbacks about my childhood after her query. When I was young, I had access to my Dad’s vast collection of LP albums. When his good friend moved away, Dad inherited his (the friend’s) lot, making the collection even bigger! During the afternoons after school, I remember I used to open the cupboard and sieve through each and every album, admiring the cover design or photo. Somehow I ended up being the only one taking care of the collection – cleaning, playing and cataloging. It kept me occupied indoors when I didn’t feel like going outside to play. I even had one album of my very own: Donny Osmond – My Best to You!

Cringe or laugh you may but it was my mine. There was even a Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album! Eat that.

Sadly, after I moved out from the family home, the collection was neglected. And today, with Dad gone, I don’t remember what happened to them for they are definitely not at home anymore nor with me. A loss and a pity.

I Have Your Eyes

29 Apr

It was a typical night as I walked into the girls’ room to do the nightly binkie-boo ritual when M2 opened the bathroom door and said, “Mummy! Come look at my eyes!”

Intrigued, I obliged. She took her iPod and turned on the flashlight mode and shined it into her eyes.

M2 enthused “Look! I’ve got woody eyes!” as in the irises brown and textured.

“Nice!” I agreed and asked, “Let me see my eyes.” before reaching out for the iPod to shine into my eyes too.

“Waaaaaaa! Mummy, you have woody eyes too! I have your eyes,” she said excitedly.

Unable to contain her excitement, she came out of the bathroom to share this with M1, who was already in bed.

“I wanna see my eyes too!” the sleepyhead requested.

So M2 climbed onto the bed and shined the flashlight into M1’s eyes, which could hardly open.

“Umm… brown but not woody like Mummy’s” M2 concluded.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

1 Apr

It was after dinner and M2 innocently asked if she could borrow my iPad Mini. I obliged since I had things to do and the iPad was just sitting there.

Later, after their snail catching episode, which I thought was worthy to write about (and I did), I reached for my iPad to start my documenting, the iPad acted up!

Every other word I typed in came out as ‘nugget’!

Imagine “It’s been raining again lately and this has caused a lot of nugget…”

Initially I thought it must be the new update of the app that was causing this, so I brushed it aside. But as I typed more… “Hubby has declared nugget on them and…” Eeesh.

When I mentioned this, the giggles came out and the beans were spilled! I’ve been had. Nugget-ed to be precise.

Earlier when M2 borrowed the iPad, she rigged the keyboard shortcuts to have every other word come out as ‘nugget’. Rascal. It was her pre-April Fool’s prank on me.

She was lucky I was in a good mood. The punishment: her iPod taken away for the night and if she has trouble waking up the next morning without her alarm (on the iPod), it’s her problem! Hubby thought I was harsh to take her precious iPod away and suggested I should just smack her for the prank but I felt it was unnecessary. The glass of wine must have mellowed me. In the end, a pre-April Fool’s hug to make amends and all nuggets forgiven.

Happy April Fool’s Day folks!

Michael 2.0

1 Apr


It’s been raining again lately and this has caused a lot of woes in the garden. For starters, snails are crawling everywhere and this is detrimental to the plants. Hubby has declared war on them and the last two nights, he’s gone out to catch them.

Armed with the torchlight from the iPod and iPhone, the girls and him have had quite a catch. M2 decided to keep one and named it Michael, as if it’s a new pet. Don’t ask.

Last night, more were caught and Michael 2.0 became the latest addition. Let’s see if there will be Michael the III the next day…

Globe Trotting without Leaving

22 Nov

I was catching up with an old friend two days ago. She shared with me how her little boy has grown and how amazed she was at his ability and enthusiasm in learning new things. I thought her little game with him was a brilliant idea!

Then I thought, there’s six weeks of nothing doing for M1 and M2 if I chose to stay put this holidays. A typical day for them would be to wake up late and mess up their meal times, followed by couch potato acts with either the TV, iPod or laptop. Not very productive I must say.

What my friend did was to teach her son, each week, about a country in this world. He would learn the geography and landmarks of that country, and identify the country on the map. The fun part that she instilled upon him during the weekly project was to greet each other in the native language of the country, cook (or eat out) the food of the nation, listen to the songs and so on; basically immerse themselves into the culture and understand the country in question.

Now, if a little boy can do that, why not my two computer savvy girls? We could traverse the world and learn so much more without leaving the country!

So yesterday, I started the project albeit with some modifications for the girls. I reminded them before I left for the office in the morning. But I didn’t want to come across as a nag by calling them, so I messaged them about it. And last night they presented their findings to us. Although hubby was skeptical about it when it was mentioned, I think he was impressed too.

The country in question was Australia and this was what M1 and M2 presented to us.


M1’s efforts


More from M1


M2’s version


It would be a daily thing instead of weekly to keep the interest up. Initially, both chose the same country but I think after the first presentation, both decided to choose different countries for the next day. Looking forward to their next effort!