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Becoming Obsolete

6 May

My iPad Mini is slowly becoming obsolete. Last week Pinterest couldn’t update and it riles me to have that number sitting in the corner of the App Store icon for a few days. But I left it as is because there was no mention of needing iOS10 and I could still use it.

However, this morning Pinterest was suddenly being installed although I didn’t do anything and it looked like it was stuck. So I restarted the iPad Mini, thinking this would help. The next thing I knew, my Pinterest icon was gone from the iPad! Yikes.

I then went into App Store to try to reinstall but there’s nothing for me to even click on to download. Why? Why? Why? It looks like arm twisting tactics here to push me to get a new iPad Mini.


How do I download PInterest when there’s nothing to click on?

Two weeks ago, it was something else. I found out I couldn’t launch iFlix (not Netflix but similar entertainment provider) because it required iOS10 and my Mini cannot update beyond iOS9.3.5. Sigh…

And several weeks ago, it was Skype that couldn’t be used because it also required iOS10. I checked online if there were anymore older versions of Skype (that can run on iOS9.3.5) but apparently, Microsoft no longer support old devices for it. The only solution if I wanted to use Skype is to buy a new iPad Mini, according to discussions on community forums out there!

Gee… I don’t think I want to do this especially when I now have an iPhone XR that is much faster and sufficient for my needs. Anyway, I didn’t download Skype on the phone nor do I want to have the app on my desktop computer. I simply resolved the usage predicament by bringing my MacBook Air to the office for the weekly Skype session with M1. Easy peasy. As for Pinterest, it is on the phone too.

It’s just a matter of time before the iPad Mini will be relegated to being another bedside clock, along with iPod, M2’s old iPhone 5C and my recently retired iPhone 5S. Sigh…

So So Annoying

22 Sep

Two nights ago the annoying iOS9.3.5 struck again on the iPad Mini! I was in the thick of things crushing candies when suddenly, the device just blacked out. Quit the app and blacked out, not once or twice but three times! Man, I was annoyed.

And yesterday morning, again! I just made it pass the challenge of Level 1941 in Candy Crush with four lives to spare when it blacked out, thus the victory was not captured! Aarghh.

It is unfortunate that my iPad Mini, being the first generation model, is too old to update to the new and improved iOS10. So I am stuck with the annoying iOS9.3.5 that is so unstable. It’s almost as if the OS is conspiring with the iPad to stop me from crushing any candies. Hrmph…

This has again reaffirmed my stance for my iPhone5S – maintain the stable iOS7.1.2. I must say I am perfectly happy with it because I don’t face the issues like the iPad is giving me. Furthermore I don’t see why I need all the new stuff that comes with the new OS. What you don’t have, you won’t miss, that’s how I look at it.

So with one device ‘down’, I will be maintaining status quo for my phone. My poor iPad.

Am I Missing Out?

20 Sep

Over the weekend, M2 upgraded her iPhone5C and iPad Mini4 to iOS10 and loved it. When the OS was first released last week, there were a lot of update problems reported with people’s phones becoming bricks. I told her to hold off the update last week until a patch came out which I think did to fix the problem. She’s happy.

As for me? Err… I am still on iOS7.1.2, dinosaur that I am. When iOS8 came out sometime back, I refused to update because I had read somewhere that it wasn’t stable. So I left my phone as is. Then iOS9 came out, I took the plunge and updated my iPad Mini first only to be traumatized by the act because it wiped out my iPad. I know, there is this thing called ‘backup’ but it’s complicated.

Fearing the worst for my iPhone5S, I held back any further updates for it. And when my iPad went on to iOS9.3.5, I found it to be unstable. This reaffirmed my stance not to update the OS for my phone.

But am I missing out on the new OS’s goodies if I held back? Or am I being paranoid for nothing? She’s been gushing about the new stuff and thinks I should. Hmm…

Being An Accomplice

11 Aug

I don’t play Pokemon Go but hubby and M2 are at it just about at every opportunity. True Pokemon trainers these two have become. What about me? I would say I fall into the category of a passive semi-reluctant Pokemon accomplice and I am pretty sure there are many like me. I know some friends are. Nonetheless, I have been very neutral and rather bemused at their perseverance. After all, they put up with me and my candy crushing ways.

The last two days at the office, after lunch, I would avoid the heat and quickly head back to the comforts of indoors and air-con whilst hubby would go off under the hot sun in search of Pokemons. I refuse to be an accomplice here and maintain my passiveness towards the game.

However, I have been roped in to be an accomplice, driving them to PokeStops, after the tuition run nights. Now this becomes ridiculous especially when it wasn’t just a stop but several stops. Here, I am semi-reluctant because somebody has to drive and it certainly cannot be the older Pokemon trainer for safety’s sake.

M2 may have a new and faster phone now but she lamented that she does not have data to play the game whenever we are in the car. For this, I am thankful that she doesn’t and just have to deal with it. But the hubby has become an accomplice by making his phone a hotspot for her to connect to catch ’em all. Unlike me, that’s a willing accomplice right there.

Not About to Start

8 Aug

Pokemon Go has finally landed on our shores! And like everywhere else in the world, we saw over the weekend a lot of people pointing their phones away from themselves in public places in search of Pokemons to catch. We were at the mall and saw a lot of funny facial and physical reactions whenever something was caught. People have become strange and oblivious of the surrounding.

It was coincidental that last Friday I bought M2 a new phone for her birthday present albeit belated, upgrading her from the old iPhone4 to an iPhone5c that can support the Pokemon Go. The iPhone4 I believe cannot support the app, so there was double happiness for her, having a faster new phone and being able to play the game. Great timing.

M2 and hubby, the one person whom I least expected to participate in this, are both constantly looking at their smartphones over the weekend and catching Pokemons. And like everyone else, these two have become animated and ridiculous at the same time. 

What about me? 

I have refrained from downloading the app and certainly adamant not to even try the game. It’s enough that I have obsessed over candies, farm animals and monsters, another new addiction to catching Pokemons would certainly do me in. So, no, I am not about to start on it.