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Not About to Start

8 Aug

Pokemon Go has finally landed on our shores! And like everywhere else in the world, we saw over the weekend a lot of people pointing their phones away from themselves in public places in search of Pokemons to catch. We were at the mall and saw a lot of funny facial and physical reactions whenever something was caught. People have become strange and oblivious of the surrounding.

It was coincidental that last Friday I bought M2 a new phone for her birthday present albeit belated, upgrading her from the old iPhone4 to an iPhone5c that can support the Pokemon Go. The iPhone4 I believe cannot support the app, so there was double happiness for her, having a faster new phone and being able to play the game. Great timing.

M2 and hubby, the one person whom I least expected to participate in this, are both constantly looking at their smartphones over the weekend and catching Pokemons. And like everyone else, these two have become animated and ridiculous at the same time. 

What about me? 

I have refrained from downloading the app and certainly adamant not to even try the game. It’s enough that I have obsessed over candies, farm animals and monsters, another new addiction to catching Pokemons would certainly do me in. So, no, I am not about to start on it.


The ME is Still Me and Not You!

25 Nov

Setting up the phone was not as easy as we thought. Because it was my phone, my name, number and ID was everywhere. It took a while to figure out the ID, Phone, Message and FaceTime settings.

“Why is the ME still me and not you when the phone is in your name already and not mine?” I asked.

M2 was blank and M1 was equally confused.

It sounds convoluted. When test iMessages which was sent to M2 ended up coming back to me on my iPhone5S and my iPad Mini, something was not quite right! I think it was due to the fact that the iTunes and App Store account was linked to my email (which we left it as is) that everything got messed up.

Finally, I figured it out. It was under Mail, Contacts and Calendars that we had to identify ‘My Info’ on top of Phone, Messages and FaceTime settings. Once this was fixed, the ME on the iPhone4 is no longer me but M2.

Phew. It was way past midnight when this was resolved.

Goodbye Forever

24 Nov

So I kept to my word and handed over to M2 the iPhone4, which amazingly has been still surviving well without battery issues after I upgraded to the iPhone5S. Hubby even upgraded the SIM card and had the old mobile number reactivated for use. Like a giddy child on Christmas morning, M2 began customizing my old iPhone4 to her liking.

The ‘Angie’s iPhone’ ID has been renamed to reflect her ownership. The layout of the pages have been moved around with most of my stuff either filed away or deleted. Slowly, my presence on the phone was reduced and her preference put in.

I guess this is really goodbye forever to my old iPhone4. No more relying on it for my Farm Heroes! Oh no. But thank goodness for the latest update of it on the iPad, the game is now more stable.

Old as it may be to me, the iPhone4 is a new phone for M2, a new beginning. Goodbye iPhone4, be good to M2 and serve your new owner well.

Almost There, Part 2

21 Nov

M2 called me the minute she got home yesterday. I could hear the frustration and agony in her voice when she told me the remaining results and the final average mark, 73. No further improvements from the last count and one short from achieving the 74 mark set.

Ouch. The almost there is not quite there. So near yet so far.

In my mind, I recalled the hubby reminding me to be objective and to look at the bigger picture of things. It shouldn’t be that small failure that determines the situation.

I talked to her while in my mind, I was analyzing the bigger picture and realized that M2 did study hard. Only one subject came in with a horrifying result, a plunge from a ‘B’ to a disastrous ‘D’! The other subjects saw an overall improvement and an increase in total marks. For this improvement, how can I fault her and say she did not study and try her best? A bit unfair, no?

So rather than focusing on the near miss of the 74 average for all, I relooked at the qualifying factor and adjusted it so that M2 can have a sense of achievement. After all, our intention is purely to motivate with reward and not punish with frustration.

I decided then to give a probational reward (the right to use the iPhone4) because the fact is evident that there was an improvement and we should not ignore this effort. Come next year, if she improves further on what she has achieved this time, the phone remains in her possession. But if there is a decline in the results, the phone comes back to me, hence the probational clause.

This is the best solution for now. I don’t feel mean, she feels relieved and happy and today, being the last day of school, it should end on a happy note.

Almost There

20 Nov

Every child is different in their ability and strength. We should never compare in order to nurture and coax the child to grow in confidence. Having said that, it is evident that my M1 and M2 are different in their abilities. As far as studies are concerned, I never have to worry about one but the other, well, a lot of nurturing along the way. But we never compare.

While M1 is still facing her SPM exams, final year-end exams for M2 came and went. The target has been set again—just to push her a little—for her to achieve and have a sense of satisfaction. However, it is set slightly lower than before; she requested for this ‘magical’ number. I could not maintain nor raise it higher than the 80 mark, set for the mid-term earlier, because she and I both agreed it will never be achieved. So in order not to demoralize her, we agreed to set it at 74, an overall average for all the subjects.

I figured better to have something within reach to motivate her rather than something impossible then she will never try hard or taste success. She missed the mid-term mark by a mile and was very demoralized about it.

As it is, some results have come back earlier in the week; she had hits and misses and the average worked out to be 71. Then the next day, four more subjects came back and amazingly, the average went up to 73! Almost there…

But there are 5 more subjects to come back. Let’s just hope she achieves it and understands the meaning of hard work, perseverance and success. The reward: the long awaited inheritance of my old iPhone4.

So Silly of Me, Part 2

18 Nov

Ever since I went past Level 525 in Farm Heroes on the iPad, the app quits every time it’s launched. Hrmph! So annoying. I have to resort to playing on my old iPhone 4, yes, the old faithful, on top of my iPhone5S. I am now at Level 566.

To be frank, I noticed this (the quitting) has become more frequent after several update releases and the introduction of iOS8. I am still holding out on the update of the OS for my iPad.

How do I deal with the situation? I’d do a complete shut down of the iPad, count to ten or more and turn it on again, then the app is fine. I just have to remember to do this more often whenever I hit this snag. So silly of me… otherwise I have to carry two phones again and bring the laptop (especially for Candy Crush) to the office to carry on with my games.

One Crazed Farmer

26 Sep

Level 677 of Candy Crush continues to torment me. So I vent my frustration in Farm Heroes. Thankfully, there’s progress in the farm until now. I am at Level 480.

Last night, I was like one crazed farmer using 4 devices at one go, swapping between the laptop, iPad and both phones. Did I succeed? I wish. I guess I will be farming throughout the day. Hey, it’s Friday and I can take it easy at work.

Should I or Should I Not?

19 Sep

Apple recently launched its new phones and OS. Now I am wondering should I upgrade (so soon again) when I had just upgraded not too long ago to my current iPhone5S? Several months back, my iPhone4 gave up on me and I had no choice and couldn’t wait for the new phones. How can one live without a phone?

Looking at the situation, it is most likely I will not change as I have already gotten used to my phone. But I am wondering whether to update the OS or not. I recall griping over the OS and how ugly it was especially over the message bubbles but in time, I have gotten used to it (the bubbles) and the OS. It was radical then the jump from OS6 to OS7 but with the new OS8, reviews have said it is not that radical an update but there are features that are promising, so maybe… perhaps it’s best to let the few million Apple users be the guinea pig first before I make a decision.

Then again, with Farm Heroes’ latest update, it seems to be rather unstable especially on the iPad. Although the fix was for a notification bug and nothing related to preparing it for the new OS8, it’s acting up and causing unnecessary loss of lives to play. If this continues, I may not wait for the millions of guinea pigs’ feedback and just update the OS on the iPad.

So Silly of Me

28 Aug

Of late Farm Heroes cannot be played on my iPad and I didn’t know why until two nights ago. My device was running so slow as if it’s low on juice. A quick check on the Monitor app (something I should have done earlier) showed that I had 7Gb free memory left to run. No wonder the iPad was so slow! And it has not been turned off for the last 42 days. Totally drained.

So I did a complete switch off, counted to ten and switched it on again.

And out of the blue, I tried Farm Heroes again and tadaa! The app works fine now. I never knew… so silly of me. Looks like the iPhone4 goes back to the bedside.

A Predicament of Sorts

18 Aug

Last Friday, Farm Heroes had an update for the iPad. Thinking the instability issue that I was having might be resolved, I updated but it was a grave mistake.

The app is even worse – I can’t even go pass the orange landing page to launch! Oh dear… Oh dear… because of this, I now have to carry my old iPhone4, along with my iPhone5S and iPad Mini around.

Looking like a geek who needs two phones to be connected, I never understood these people and found them amusing. A separation of work and personal connectivity?

And now here in my case, I have joined geek-dom as I need the extra phone just to have extra lives to play Farm Heroes to bring the sheeps to the hay in Level 440.

While being a farmer has its issues and challenge, crushing candies provided some solace. The wifi at home improved somewhat and just enough for me to work on Glazed Grove over the weekend. Happy to say, I completed this chapter and now, while waiting for yet another new chapter to open on Facebook, Farm Heroes is the continued focus.