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25 Jul

King.com has a new game, Farm Heroes Super Saga and I am tempted. The last time they had a new game, Candy Crush Jelly, I tried it but later found it too time consuming, so I deleted the app.

As of now, I play five games only: Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes, Monster Busters and Monster Buster Hexa Blast and these are quite a handful already. Occasionally I still do Piano Tiles and Solitaire. With another Farm Heroes, it may be too much even though it is only one addition. Such difference a game can make.

I am tempted yet holding back.

Well, Well… Am I Surprised?

23 Jun

A few days ago, I lamented about King.com being inconsistent with their board setups for Candy Crush for different devices. And this has occurred many times on several levels. Guess what? They are at it again.

This time on Level 1735. On the iPad, it is definitely harder compared to the game in Facebook. No wonder I was having a tough time trying to figure it out. It was when I went into YouTube to see what others did that I realized the boards were different. 

So obviously after learning this discrepancy, I played the game in Facebook and within the five lives, I made it with some lives to spare.


See where the popcorn squares are located


For the iPad, the popcorn squares are at a tougher place!


At It Again!

17 Jun

Why does King.com keep having differences on a same level for different devices? And this is not the first time. As I have been an ardent (professional) candy crusher and constantly journal about it, throughout my challenges, there have been several levels that I have encountered that has discrepancies.

I discovered yet another difference yesterday while attempting Level 1721. As you can see from the pictures, the board setup is different on the iPad versus the game in Facebook. Even the challenges are different.

Why do they keep doing this? Hrmph is all I can say.


See the railtrack on the iPad?


There’s no railtrack here on the laptop!


A New Game

18 Jan

Two Fridays ago, I discovered a new King.com game. The app icon appeared in the corner of Candy Crush while I was crushing candies as usual. So the sucker in me downloaded Candy Crush Jelly, another candy crushing game.

Unbelievable. Between all the candies, the farm animals, monsters, flowers and Piano Tiles, looks like I will be a very busy person! And I have also started reading.

I was indeed kept busy, crushing my way through all that candies and rescuing some farm animals and monsters too, besides being a recluse at home last week. For the record, I am at Level 1424 for Candy Crush, Level 591 for Soda, Level 854 for Farm Heroes, Level 825 for Monsters and a lowly 43 only for Candy Crush Jelly.


Ugh! Nasty

30 Nov

King.com is nasty. They make the levels in Candy Crush different on different devices! I did not realize this until over the weekend when I attempted Level 1306.

On the iPad, the challenge was to get 3 cherries in 35 moves but in Facebook on the laptop, it required just 2 cherries and 50 moves! No wonder I have been stuck here for so long. Eesh.

Finally made it.


Eh? Different Again!

1 Oct

I have been very busy the past few days working on the design of a cookbook. So much so, I’ve actually neglected my virtual games. There just isn’t time in the office to sneak in a game even for a breather because my deadline is very tight. 

And the past few evenings when I get home, I would use the laptop only to read the news to unwind than to play any games. By bedtime, I am so brain-drained, there isn’t any energy left to strategize moves for candies or farm fruits. 

On Tuesday night, routine kicked in but news have been so unappealing, I played my games. And this was when I discovered yet another difference!

King.com has been very careless or perhaps sneaky to have different board setups for Candy Crush (Level 1180) and now, Candy Crush Soda too. Level 495 has different challenges for the iPad and in Facebook on the laptop. I really don’t know why but I feel saving 17 honey bears is an easier task than collecting 4 bottle caps. Let’s see how long I need to pass this level.


Honey bears or…


Bottle caps? You decide!


Not in Synched Again!

7 Sep

What is going on with Candy Crush Soda? Seems like the app is not in synched again for different devices.

I finally arrived at Level 470 (it is obvious by it being lighted up and not grey) but I find myself there yet not there! It’s so weird.

On the laptop, I see myself with my avatar but on the iPad, I am invisible! I hope this can be fixed soon. King.com, you reading this?


I am present at Level 470


But lookie again! I am not there!


Not in Synch

7 Aug

 I stopped playing Candy Crush Soda for a few days because there has been no updates. But last night, I could not resist and peeked into the game in Facebook on the laptop.What do you know? I moved. Yay… so I played on and managed to progress to Level 452.

However, on the iPad, despite achieving a star for Level 451, the icon is grey and while my avatar is sitting at Level 452, its icon is also grey. Something is not right. Obviously grey means I can’t play on the iPad. Hrmph.

It looks like the game is not in synch for different devices when clearly I have progressed in one device (laptop) but it’s not showing in the other (iPad).

King.com had better fix this.

As for Candy Crush, Bubblegum Hut finally opened for the iPad and I leapfrogged to the end of the chapter. And just as I predicted, I cannot play because I have actually gone on to the next chapter. Sigh…

On the iPad, 451 & 452 are grey


in Facebook, 451 & 452 are colored!


Did You Know?

11 Jun

For the first time I noticed an inconsistency in Candy Crush Soda! It is Level 375 and the challenge requirement is different on the iPad compared to it in Facebook on the laptop. Can you believe it?

There are four scenarios to pass. On the iPad, you have to save 40 bears. And you need to save 6, 12, 30 and 40 in this order to pass the scenarios to complete this level. On Tuesday night, for the first time, I realized that the same game at the same level, on the laptop in Facebook, only 36 bears are needed to be saved! Not 40 but 36.

And the sequence is 4, 10, 28 and finally 36. Hrmph… No wonder I have been stuck here for so long because I play on the iPad all the time!

King.com… You need to fix this!

So the minute I came home from office on Wednesday evening, I went straight to my laptop and attempted Level 375. And guess what? I made it pass Level 375! Finally. Yay.


40 bears for the iPad


36 bears in FB on the laptop


Something’s Wrong

1 Jun

There’s something wrong with the latest Candy Crush update for the iPad Mini. It is not stable on the device (but okay in Facebook on the laptop). Over the weekend whenever I launch the app on my device, the game appears right at the beginning at Candy Town, Level 1! This has never occurred before.

It is mildly annoying because I have to scroll to get to where I am. And at Level 942, that’s a lot of scrolling to do. What’s even more annoying is when I click on lives sent by friends to use, after my five rounds, it goes back to Candy Town and I have to scroll all over again! Aargh.

King.com had better fix this glitch soon. But luckily, I have completed the episode, Minty Meadow, so I don’t have to deal with this until the next update. I shall play Cookie Crossing on the laptop. Am now at Level 951.