A Lighter Bag

4 Apr

On this trip to hubby’s hometown, we both decided to pack a lighter golf set. Thus, both have nine clubs only. I debated what to leave behind, and my trusty 3-wood, two mid-irons, a hybrid, and a sand wedge did not make the trip.

Despite being handicapped with lesser clubs, we played well in the two games. When there were fewer club choices, it became very mechanical for the second and third shots, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The only bane is the putting; I had several three- to four three-putts for both games. Imagine the outcome would have been even better if my putting was more accurate. Oh well.

I discovered a new trick during the second game, hitting the second shot on the fairway with my driver! It’s termed driver off the deck. Oh, what fun I had to be able to gain the distance on the dry fairways. With my 3-wood at home, my other long club was only my Hybrid 4 that couldn’t cover the length as well.

So perhaps, a bagful of 14 clubs is not required for an enjoyable round of golf, something to consider for our next golf trip.

Harvard Golf Club. The greens and green sides were immaculate.

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