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Was It Pity?

24 Sep

I was stuck at Level 795 of Farm Heroes for the longest time because the challenge was so ridiculously tough. Even with the aid of Airdrop, I could not gather enough water drops to pass the level. So I was on a ‘tag-team’ mode, alternating between my usual three games, Farm Heroes and the two candy games, to pass time.

But on Tuesday morning a strange thing occurred. After a round at the Farm, I noticed the requirements had lessened! Instead of 250 water drops, it changed to only 75! On top of that, the other elements also reduced, from 230 to 150!

Huh?! Why didn’t they have it like this sooner? Was this change a show of pity for me to enable my going through? Well, I am certainly not complaining for after just one round, I finally crossed Level 795. Yay.

But Mummy, These are the Good Ones

24 Oct

One evening, I was commenting to the girls that I don’t seem to have a recent good picture of the two of them in my iPhone5S. My pictures are mostly on food, golf and places. Whenever I talk proudly of them to friends, the only pictures that I could show off (of them) were the US Great Adventure Road Trip ones, and they are like 2 years old! Eeesh.

So M2 cleverly airdropped some pictures of them to my phone, convincing me that these are the good ones. This is what I received.