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Another One Bites the Dust

9 May

I swear I go through golf shoes so much more than work shoes. I had to throw away my 2017 Adidas pair because it was falling apart despite not seeing much action. Water seeps in after three holes on a wet day, it’s pointless to even wear it. Its last usage, I had to change socks but it didn’t help to ease the discomfort of having pruned toes. Into the bin the shoes went.

My latest purchase is yet another FootJoy which I find a bit more reliable although my last FootJoy, on a wet day could only last nine holes before water seeped in. Sigh… and I am still trying to break in the Nike pair because it tends to hurt my pinky toes if I don’t wear the correct socks.

This new pair is a Junior size for boys. Oh well, it fits, it looks great and I bought it for a steal, why not?


The 2019 FootJoy Fury golf shoes

My Nike Just Can’t Do It

8 Oct

The phrase “Golf is one painful and mental game” that I have been repeatedly saying has now become my favorite phrase when writing about golf. There’s always a story to it.

My game over the weekend was so contrasting in the results from the previous weekend – disastrous in other words, is the latest incident linking to the phrase. It was just pain this time and was literal with the Nike FitSole shoes that I wore.

I had a huge painful blister on my left pinky toe and almost developed another on the right pinky toe!

For the record, the waterproof shoes are actually quite comfortable being very padded, cushy and wide. So I cannot comprehend why there was friction at the edges inside to cause both feet to hurt and I ended up like that after 18 holes. And this is the first time this happened, the blister that is.

I conclude there’s always, always something that will go wrong despite the perfect weather, the good company, my good iron shots and pain-free right tennis elbow. The left wrist hurt initially but the painkiller took care of it. Little did I know the shoes were the culprit this time.

There shouldn’t be any excuses but…. Maybe my thin socks were too thin? Or maybe I cannot play golf on a weekly basis yet? Or maybe I am kidding myself thinking the shoes suit me. Sigh… Whatever it was, my Nike just couldn’t do it for me that Saturday morning.


Don’t mind the wrinkled toe but see the beautiful full blown blister?

It Must Be the Socks

25 Jun

So I played another game of golf on Sunday, this time participating in my Club’s Anniversary Cup. A tournament in other words. I felt that after the last game which was an improvement, I should be on the upward trend. And I am glad to say I was.

It must be the socks I concluded because I gave the Nike shoes another chance and wore thin socks this time. And everything worked. The shoes held up beautifully in the early morning sogginess – a result from rain the night before, and I did not have pruned toes at all after 18-holes. It felt great. The pair of spare socks that I thoughtfully brought along didn’t need to see any action.

And my golf… it was very encouraging. The tee offs were straight, the subsequent shots too and the shot game and putting all worked. Even crossing the water, something I have always feared especially on what I call my phobia holes, was not an issue! Needless to say I am pleased. Extremely pleased.

From here on, I must remember the socks are equally important, not just the shoes and other equipment. When comfort kicks in, a mentally stronger and confident approach to the game will follow.

Rock Bottom, Part 2

21 Jun

Golf is a funny game. Just when I thought I’d give up the game and just focus on carving, I play a decent game next. This time, it didn’t rain and I opted to wear my Footjoy after the last disastrous game wearing the new Nike shoes. The poor shoes, I should give it another chance.

During the latest game, my shots were good and my putting was impressive despite several near misses. Maybe there’s hope because I had already hit rock bottom the previous game and this game did not plunge any further.

Let’s hope the next game maintains the upward trend.

Rock Bottom

14 Jun

Last week I hit rock bottom as far as my golfing ability or rather inability is concerned. I have no words to describe. It didn’t even rain and the new Nike shoes which were supposed to help didn’t at all. In fact, it hurt more than helped.

The socks were too thick and caused the feet to hurt, and I couldn’t focus. And then my eyes hurt and I couldn’t focus. My shoulders were so stiff and I couldn’t swing properly. In short, everything did not work out during that game. The only consolation was a few tricky long putts that went in. I know there shouldn’t be any excuses but there were plenty.

Sigh… I can only hope with this rock bottom achievement I should move upwards next because there’s no more room to bottom out even further. If it does at this point, I may just give up golf because there’s no joy in this activity anymore. And carving is looking more appealing because there’s so much more joy to create, see my end results and feel the love when I give them away. There’s no love for the frustration of playing terrible golf.

Will I survive this moment of self-doubt and lack of conviction for the game?


The Shoe Queen Strikes Again

5 Jun

Guess what? It looks like the Shoe Queen has struck again! It was only in February when I bought a new pair of Footjoy golf shoes and exactly four months later, on June 1st, I bought my umpteenth pair of golf shoes. Honestly, I have lost count but there’s a reason behind this newest purchase.

Lately, it has been raining more often than I can remember for around this time of the year. Despite such weather conditions, I have gone back to playing golf. And sadly, my shoes are a disappointment. They don’t hold up well as claimed and neither do they dry on time before the next game.

The Footjoy has held up only slightly better than both the Adidas pairs. Water still seeps in but toes are not as pruned. The same cannot be said for both the Adidas spike and spikeless pairs. They have failed me with water seeping in midway through the games. By the end of 18-holes each time, I’d end up with soaked socks and pruned toes. Not a nice feeling. Ugh.

Then again, it has been raining cats and dogs every single day and any waterproof shoes would not be able to withstand the soggy conditions on the golf course. I don’t even bother to wear the canvas Skechers golf shoes because I know they would be totally done in.

So I hope this new pair, a Nike this time – waterproof, leather and semi-spiked, will fare better under those extreme soggy conditions. We will find out when I wear it for my next game.


New Shoes Again!

20 Feb

What can I say? Shoe Queen? Shoe-crazed? Fetish? Obsession? I have valid reasons for the latest purchase.

Firstly, my FootJoy is on the verge of falling apart. My only pair of water-resistant spiked golf shoe, I felt I needed a replacement of the same kind like pronto. Most of my other shoes are spikeless and not so water-resistant.

Secondly, wearing the Skechers during a game three weeks’ ago had my toes all pruned. The morning dew and a misstep into a puddle of water early on in the game was too intense for the non-water resistant shoes to handle. And once you have soggy shoes, the discomfort level increases while the game performance decreases. Sigh…

Thirdly, I had to dispose two spikeless pairs, the Nike and Head as they were also falling apart. So it’s not like I am increasing my shoe count, it’s a replacement.

If you must know, last count of my golf shoes prior to disposing and acquiring, I have two Adidas, one FJ, one Nike, one Head, one Skechers and one True Linkswear. Obsession? I think so.


What a Long Day

30 Apr

The journey to Singapore took slightly over five hours this morning and unexpectedly, the immigration at the Singapore checkpoint held us up. It took almost two hours for the whole group to clear this necessity only to be met with rain and thunderstorm! Nooo….

All that trouble and no golf ahead?! It didn’t look promising as the bus inched its way slowly through traffic to get to Keppel Club. We were so late to arrive but our gracious hosts waited for us for lunch!

So lunch was a leisure affair because the course was closed due to the rain and thunderstorm. When the weather finally cleared, it was about 2.45pm when we teed off.

We never got to finish 18-holes. My flight had 3 holes left while other flights varied from 6-holes to 4-holes to go. As dinner could not be pushed to a later time, we had to finish by 6.45pm regardless of how many more holes to go.

Keppel’s hospitality was impeccable. The food was delicious, the beer and wine was free-flowing and the company very good. But all good things had to come to an end. By 9.45pm, we left Keppel Club with happy memories and braced ourselves for the heavy traffic ahead.

It’s a long Labor Day weekend ahead and we had the holiday makers to contend with on the road. These Singaporeans are headed over to Malaysia and we are leaving Singapore to check in at Johor Bahru. 

Tomorrow, we play Palm Resort and thank goodness tee off is passed noon. It has been a long day and yes, I am tired. Checked into the hotel pass midnight.

Mortals being mortals like us, Adidas tagline or Nike tagline did not help at all when one is so tired from the traveling and waiting. Oh well. Tomorrow is another game and it’s either ‘all in or nothing’ or ‘just do it’ again.

Interesting architecture surrounding Keppel

Just Do It

29 Apr

I just realized Adidas changed its old tagline ‘Impossible is Nothing’ to a new ‘All In or Nothing’. Now how do I apply this to my golf? The first thing that comes to my mind would be the putting. Of course to put the dimpled ball in the cup with one putt would be best for the ‘all in or nothing’ statement but what if I missed? 

Two putts or even three putts, which is my problem lately, just do not bode well with the brand’s statement. It then becomes I will be nothing because I was not all in. This in a sense would affect my confidence and ultimately my focus in the game. Not good.

Honestly, I would prefer to ‘Just Do It’ but I am not giving the brand with this tagline any justice because I am geared in all Adidas, down to my sports bra but short of my underwear. There is a conflict as far as brand loyalty is concerned.

Even Adidas’ old tagline of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ does not work for me. Most times the impossible become possible in a negative way! Shots that you wouldn’t think possible you’d execute becomes a reality. Nothing becomes everything whereby unwanted situations on the golf course becomes a nightmare, the list can go on! It all works more in the opposite manner instead. Sigh… Although it’s a mental state of mind, it is tough to discipline the thoughts when things do not go the way you want it.

Maybe I am championing the wrong brand all this while. Hmm… 

Let’s see how I fare today. The mode of play for today’s Interclub match is four ball, System 36 with handicap of the day.

The journey has taken three hours already as I am writing this. My tee off is at 1.07pm. I shouldn’t be too Adidas on what lies ahead but ‘just do it’!

The Shoe Queen, Part 2

15 Sep

I love buying shoes. When I was in college, I had 14 pairs of shoes. A sneaker for every occasion then, I am no different now.

Lately, I find myself buying a pair of golf shoes every three weeks! It’s terrible. I’m sure I have more shoes now than my college days. After all, I work, I play golf and I do a whole lot more than just attending classes. 

Let’s see… there’s my Ferragamos (the Vara and the Artiste), my Reebok gym shoe, Adidas tennis shoes (more for walking than tennis), the Blundstone boots, my other work shoes, weekend Rockport sandals, weekday Skechers, dinner high heels and of course, my golf shoes: the Footjoy, Nike, Dunlop, Adidas, Truelinks and my latest acquisition, the Skechers GoGolf2. Not forgetting my slippers. 

Gosh… that’s a lot of footwear. I reign as the undisputed Shoe Queen!

Now I know where my girls inherited their fetish for shoes.