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Another One Bites the Dust

9 May

I swear I go through golf shoes so much more than work shoes. I had to throw away my 2017 Adidas pair because it was falling apart despite not seeing much action. Water seeps in after three holes on a wet day, it’s pointless to even wear it. Its last usage, I had to change socks but it didn’t help to ease the discomfort of having pruned toes. Into the bin the shoes went.

My latest purchase is yet another FootJoy which I find a bit more reliable although my last FootJoy, on a wet day could only last nine holes before water seeped in. Sigh… and I am still trying to break in the Nike pair because it tends to hurt my pinky toes if I don’t wear the correct socks.

This new pair is a Junior size for boys. Oh well, it fits, it looks great and I bought it for a steal, why not?


The 2019 FootJoy Fury golf shoes

Rock Bottom, Part 2

21 Jun

Golf is a funny game. Just when I thought I’d give up the game and just focus on carving, I play a decent game next. This time, it didn’t rain and I opted to wear my Footjoy after the last disastrous game wearing the new Nike shoes. The poor shoes, I should give it another chance.

During the latest game, my shots were good and my putting was impressive despite several near misses. Maybe there’s hope because I had already hit rock bottom the previous game and this game did not plunge any further.

Let’s hope the next game maintains the upward trend.

The Shoe Queen Strikes Again

5 Jun

Guess what? It looks like the Shoe Queen has struck again! It was only in February when I bought a new pair of Footjoy golf shoes and exactly four months later, on June 1st, I bought my umpteenth pair of golf shoes. Honestly, I have lost count but there’s a reason behind this newest purchase.

Lately, it has been raining more often than I can remember for around this time of the year. Despite such weather conditions, I have gone back to playing golf. And sadly, my shoes are a disappointment. They don’t hold up well as claimed and neither do they dry on time before the next game.

The Footjoy has held up only slightly better than both the Adidas pairs. Water still seeps in but toes are not as pruned. The same cannot be said for both the Adidas spike and spikeless pairs. They have failed me with water seeping in midway through the games. By the end of 18-holes each time, I’d end up with soaked socks and pruned toes. Not a nice feeling. Ugh.

Then again, it has been raining cats and dogs every single day and any waterproof shoes would not be able to withstand the soggy conditions on the golf course. I don’t even bother to wear the canvas Skechers golf shoes because I know they would be totally done in.

So I hope this new pair, a Nike this time – waterproof, leather and semi-spiked, will fare better under those extreme soggy conditions. We will find out when I wear it for my next game.


The Shoe Queen, Part 4

1 Feb

The Shoe Queen in me struck over the weekend! Not another pair of work shoes or sandals but golf shoes…

My current Adidas spiked pair does not seem to be holding up good. Although it has been under utilized (I haven’t played for nine and a half weeks), the leather on the surface has cracked and water does seep in occasionally if the fairways are soggy. And there’s mold and discoloration under the brand’s stripes on both shoes. Eeeeks.

During last Saturday’s game, my first game of the year, somehow the shoes held up but only because the fairways wasn’t soggy despite all that rain.

Now the new shoes was a good buy as it was on sale and I couldn’t resist, being the undisputed Shoe Queen. A Footjoy again, this brand’s a better golf shoes than Adidas.


New Shoes Again!

20 Feb

What can I say? Shoe Queen? Shoe-crazed? Fetish? Obsession? I have valid reasons for the latest purchase.

Firstly, my FootJoy is on the verge of falling apart. My only pair of water-resistant spiked golf shoe, I felt I needed a replacement of the same kind like pronto. Most of my other shoes are spikeless and not so water-resistant.

Secondly, wearing the Skechers during a game three weeks’ ago had my toes all pruned. The morning dew and a misstep into a puddle of water early on in the game was too intense for the non-water resistant shoes to handle. And once you have soggy shoes, the discomfort level increases while the game performance decreases. Sigh…

Thirdly, I had to dispose two spikeless pairs, the Nike and Head as they were also falling apart. So it’s not like I am increasing my shoe count, it’s a replacement.

If you must know, last count of my golf shoes prior to disposing and acquiring, I have two Adidas, one FJ, one Nike, one Head, one Skechers and one True Linkswear. Obsession? I think so.


The Shoe Queen, Part 2

15 Sep

I love buying shoes. When I was in college, I had 14 pairs of shoes. A sneaker for every occasion then, I am no different now.

Lately, I find myself buying a pair of golf shoes every three weeks! It’s terrible. I’m sure I have more shoes now than my college days. After all, I work, I play golf and I do a whole lot more than just attending classes. 

Let’s see… there’s my Ferragamos (the Vara and the Artiste), my Reebok gym shoe, Adidas tennis shoes (more for walking than tennis), the Blundstone boots, my other work shoes, weekend Rockport sandals, weekday Skechers, dinner high heels and of course, my golf shoes: the Footjoy, Nike, Dunlop, Adidas, Truelinks and my latest acquisition, the Skechers GoGolf2. Not forgetting my slippers. 

Gosh… that’s a lot of footwear. I reign as the undisputed Shoe Queen!

Now I know where my girls inherited their fetish for shoes.


Am I a Brand Loyalist?

18 Mar

It was a typical Sunday and I was heading out from the house. As I stretched my legs out to my comfortable pair of Rockport sandals, I realized I have three other pairs of the same brand, different models of slippers and sandals of course. It suddenly made it wonder if I was a brand loyalist.

Like recently, I had to throw away my worn out Reebok gym shoes and got myself another pair of Reebok. Then there was the unfortunate incident last year where my Footjoy golf shoes were stolen. Initially I bought another brand, Head but found it not as comfortable and ended up buying another Footjoy. Now come to think of it, all my golf gloves are of one particular brand and model – Wilson Staff Premium Microfiber Comfort Gel Grip Palm. Nothing else.

What about my handbags? Hmm… Most of them are Salvatore Ferragamo, even my wallet and my spare wallet! My other handbags are Jim Thompson… Brand loyalist? Or comfort creature? Either way, I would be loved for my brand loyalty, no doubt!

The Shoe Queen

30 Dec

Within three days, I bought two pairs of shoes yet I remarked that hubby was more of a ‘Shoe Queen’ than me simply because his shoes were cluttering the shoe closet and there was just no more space for my newbies to reside.


I can’t help it, they were on sale!

On Saturday night, I was looking at the shoe closet assessing the space, trying to figure out where to fit in my latest Rockport shoe and yet another pair of (Footjoy) golf shoes but men shoes were just hogging the space. Therefore, I commented “Aiyoh! Daddy is such a Shoe Queen!” to M1, who was seated nearby listening to the drama.

M1 sniggered at that comment; hubby denied the accusation and told me to count. So I did.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! You have nine pairs of shoes in here!” I said incredulously.

“Wait… You count yours!” He shot back. And I did.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Heels do not count.” I said.

M1 was laughing non-stop and discreetly muffling the sound.

“How can you not count heels?” he demanded. “Aren’t they shoes too?”

Well, I guess if I do include them plus some from the next closet plus the rest outside, I guess I am the undisputed Shoe Queen. But still… he runs a close second.

Irks Me to No End

26 Nov

Last week, I decided to go buy a replacement pair of golf shoes, having had mine stolen from the recent smash and grab incident. So I went to the mall. The salesman was trying to push various brands to me but I declined because aesthetically, the shoe designs did not appeal to me.

In the end, to save time, I showed him a picture of my lost shoe and said that if available, I’d like to buy the same again, Footjoy’s Greenjoy model. (I had taken a picture when I got the shoes for my birthday in April. Six months down the road, how could I know what happened to me can happen?)


“Ahh. This is a Greenjoy model,” he exclaimed.

“We used to have it but now, no stock! But I can check for you,” he went on.

Amazing how a sentence can create two differing emotions at the same time. Popular models move very fast I guess. He was very helpful and suggested I leave my mobile for him, and he promised he will call—in two days’ time—whether the model is available or not. Too good to be true, I asked him again if he will call in two days and he reassured me, yes, two days, he will call. Definitely.

Such good service, I thought. Okay, two days is good before I make a decision.

Two days later…

The call never came. Then I happened to be in the neighborhood of a sports superstore and the lure of buying a new pair of shoes was just too tempting. So I checked out the superstore. My Greenjoy was available but one size bigger. Aarrgghhh… The frustration of it irks me; so close yet so far.

In the end, I bought something else that I could be comfy with, and at half the price of the Greenjoy pair, you could say I was happy with the choice.

Yesterday and that’s six days’ later from the word of promise, I finally received a text message from the salesman. It read as such: “Afternoon Angie, this is suresh fr golf house. rdgar”

An incomplete message… eeesh. Irked (again), I messaged him back, saying the message was incomplete and went straight to the point to ask if the shoe was available or not. He replied: “Sorry mistyped. no. stock. with. supplier. tq”

Wow. That sums up the whole thing! Is that a good follow-up after all that reassurance to call? Are the full-stops supposed to emphasize his point? Gee…. why didn’t he just capitalize all the words?

What irks me here is the promise (is this a standard salesman’s talk?) that he will call at a given specific date but never did. And ended the whole experience with just a text message; not even a phone call to soothe an irate (and disappointed) customer. I’m thinking if one cannot live up to the promise, one shouldn’t be making promises. It just leaves a bad impression at the end of the day.


19 Nov

Somehow I was sapped of energy last night after the (smash and grab) ordeal that happened, followed by the debate whether to laugh or cry over the matter, especially when the stolen bags were recovered. Thank goodness both girls were being their silly self and entertained us with their bubbly laughter and antics. Even official pet number one, Roo, was soothing.

Nothing but a good night’s sleep to ease and clear the mind. I believe once the car is fixed, the recovery will be complete.