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The Truth of the Matter

10 Sep

As you know, I have a recent obsession with the Thermos brand flask. Not too long ago, I requested hubby to redeem his credit card points for the red 600ml flask from the catalog. And he did. And I have been using my flask for my drinks, warm tea during Sunday afternoons and cold drinks during my golf games. I love it.

As it was very useful, I insisted that he should redeem another one but for himself. And he did.

Then I realized with the size at 600ml, it’s too large for my coffee (because it’s way too much coffee but it’s fine for tea). Furthermore at this size, the flask is too long to tip over to sip a cuppa’s worth of the hot brew. I am a creature of habit; I like my coffee hot and my tea warm. I have scalded my tongue several times when I tipped the flask too fast.

So what did I do? I went and bought a slim 300ml flask specifically for hot coffee and it worked out fine. The big flask remained for warm tea or cold drinks while the small flask for hot coffee.

But guess what?

After several uses, hubby complained that his black 600ml Thermos was not suitable for his hot drinks! Ah hah. It wasn’t just me who faced this scalding problem! So what did we do? We decided to redeem another flask albeit a smaller volume one. And he’s been using the slimmer 400ml flask and M2 inherited the 600ml flask.

The flask ownership worked out fine until last weekend. We went to the mall and obsession got the better of me and I bought yet another flask! This time, the 350ml size Thermos, slightly bigger in capacity than the 300ml one but shorter – it’s the one I was eyeing from the last encounter with it.

I love my new blue flask as it’s very cute. Yes cute. And since I now have two mini ones, I decided to give hubby my other slim 300ml flask so that he can drink his hot coffee without scalding his tongue too.

So yeah, we now have five Thermos flasks at home and one in college with M1. Unbelievable.