Same But Different

25 Sep

I didn’t know Level 1180 of Candy Crush is different on the iPad and in Facebook on the laptop! When I arrived at this level on my iPad, I thought, “Darn! Another tough level!”

The next day I didn’t use my iPad. Instead I went straight to the laptop and was presented with a different board setup and challenge. 

“Hey, it’s not like this on the iPad!” 

At first I thought I was at a wrong level but it couldn’t be, I just completed 1179 the night before and am pretty sure I am at 1180.

With the much easier challenge, I moved on in just one attempt. Checking the same level again on the iPad, sure enough, both devices have different board setups for the same level. So if you want to take easy route, play in Facebook instead of your iPad.


Level 1180 on the iPad


Level 1180 in FB on the laptop


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