No Escape

14 Sep

Thinking I was very clever when I messaged my sister-in-law last week to say we changed our mind to go for the jumping party, I never saw the next move coming.

My brother called.

It is hard when your only sibling calls and you try to decline the invitation. So what choice did we have? The three of us ended up going for the jumping affair party.

There was trepidation among the three of us but we were ready to face what lies ahead. After lunch, we headed to the venue. The air was humid because the haze in back in the country creating a gloom in the air, figuratively and literally. We decided to be optimistic and just go have fun. 

Jump Street Adventure Parks is an indoor activity place where one jumps on trampolines to do exercises, play dodge ball, slam dunk basketballs, leap frog into a pit of foams and finally, do some high performance acrobat flips off the trampoline and launch unto the giant air-filled landing mattress. I was glad I attired as if I was going to the gym and thank goodness for the sports bra, for with all that jumping and bouncing, it’s not good to end up with sagging assets!

We didn’t have to worry about the excited and highly charged-up kids as there was a jump instructor with our group supervising the little ones; plus the venue was very spacious, we hardly heard them. It was kinda fun but takes a lot of coordination and effort. Yea, we did burn some calories.

But after the 2 hours of activities (I skipped some), the body can feel the aches and pains. By the next day, ooh dang, it hurts to high heaven especially the knees!


M2 leaping into the Foam Pit


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