Impromptu Escapade

21 Sep

It was an impromptu decision. Feeling very accomplished after the Endurance Golf Challenge and another round of golf after that Wednesday, we decided to go to Ipoh (again) for more golf and food for the weekend. The usual group made up the numbers with the inclusion of a new recruit.

We were to meet for lunch on Friday before teeing off at 1.30pm. Lunch was good and cheap; after the satisfying meal, we made it to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort for our first game. The resort was not crowded at all, neither was the golf course. We literally had the place to ourselves.

The haze followed us and we had dull grey skies. But did it bother us? Well, it was very humid but the company was great. Although the fairways were good, the greens were a bit inconsistent. Nonetheless, we had a good time. After the game, which we finished very early, we showered at the Club and headed towards Tanjung Tualang for seafood.

We’ve heard many stories about the famed fresh water prawns, which we ordered. Boy, were they juicy! And helluva expensive too but you only live once, so best to just enjoy it! All in all, Friday was a good start.

Then on Saturday, we all had noodles for breakfast before our second game at Kinta Golf Club. This time, it was more challenging because the course was not very well kept and we had to contend with a lot of overgrow grass. We even had to be careful for there were monitor lizards, huge ones and little ones, everywhere! As if that wasn’t enough, we encountered a brown snake under the tree where my tee off landed. I lost that ball and had a stroke added for that hole. Darn snake!

Our games ended at an odd time and we ended up having a late lunch before heading back to the house to shower and rest. Time passed by quickly and before we realized, it was dinnertime! Hey, didn’t we just ate?

So out for dinner we went. Dinner stop #1 was at Cowan Street Chicken Rice and Beansprouts which were really good. We sat down, waited for ten minutes before our order was taken; then waited another ten minutes, the food arrived. Within twenty minutes, we were done eating. Talk about fast food, this is fast food! Then we walked over to another restaurant for Dinner stop #2!!!

Yes, we had two dinners. At the second stop, we opted for seafood. By then, I could feel my waistline increasing. Oh dear, my weighing scale is gonna scream at me.

Come Sunday, all the good fun came to an end. We woke up late, had a dim sum breakfast, followed by coffee at another restaurant before making our way home. The impromptu escapade was a good decision and I hope we will do another one soon.


At Clearwater Sanctuary


Oodles of noodles!


Ready for battle at Kinta Golf Club


A hearty dim sum spread


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