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A New Interest

22 Feb

Of late my iPad Mini has been lagging and not compatible with my usual games – Candy Crush Soda and both the Monster Busters. I can launch the apps, collect the daily rewards and that’s it. Just can’t play and it’s exasperating.

So prior to Chinese New Year, I diverted my attention to a new interest, jigsaw puzzles. A mundane game, if you can even call it a game but at least there’s more interaction with it than the others. I’ve completed five puzzles already, and started on a 560-piece puzzle this morning.

Farm Heroes No More

23 Jan

I have stopped playing Farm Heroes on my iPad, iPhone and the laptop. After such a long time at it, I find that I cannot go pass Level 1105, so no point in continuing the game. It was fun while it lasted.

As for my other games, I still do Candy Crush Soda (to collect the Daily Bonus) and Candy Crush Saga (on the office computer occasionally as it has been deleted from the iPad and iPhone) besides the two Monster Busters.

There does not seem to be a whole of appealing games offered these days, at least to me. Maybe it’s for the better as I can stay off my devices and go back to reading (which I did) and carving (which I will).

Giving Up

3 Aug

I finally decided to ‘give up’ two more games on my iPad, deleting them several nights ago. Remember Candy Crush Saga was canned awhile back?

It’s not a total give up but a technical one because I still play these games in Facebook on the laptop (at home) or desktop (in the office). My iPad has been so slow, rendering it almost useless, it’s aggravating.

I don’t have pictures and music on the iPad, so I suspect it’s the games’ data accumulated when I play them and it hordes the space on the device thus slowing it down. With the RAM dropping down to 200MB or thereabouts most times, what can I do? I can’t even read anything on Safari, let alone crush some candies!

So I canned both the Monster Busters apps. This is on top of clearing away other apps that I don’t use any longer. I even deleted the Facebook app!

On hindsight, maybe it’s a good thing to make me less dependent on my iPad as I find myself doing more meaningful things in my free time, like carving up a whole township of Gigglesville citizens!

From Near and Far

28 Apr

It’s always nice to have a warm fuzzy feeling when receiving birthday greetings from family and friends, even strangers from near and far.

The first few birthday wishes came from the games I play (no, it’s not from the Candy Crush team but rather Monster Busters), strangers in other words. But I thought it was sweet and thoughtful. Gifted with a week’s worth of free play and 10,000 play coins, I think these game developers are very connected to their loyal gamers. Thank you.

And of course on the actual day, phone calls, emails, wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS/Messenger came from friends, family members as well as my bank, my credit cards, my loyalty program cards and even the local area politician, strangers in other words!

The world has become smaller—from the US, Bermuda and London to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur—with the use of social media and technology to connect us on a daily basis and on special occasions. 

I’d like to thank everyone for your thoughtfulness and well wishes. Made the day more meaningful. To a better year ahead!


Not About to Start

8 Aug

Pokemon Go has finally landed on our shores! And like everywhere else in the world, we saw over the weekend a lot of people pointing their phones away from themselves in public places in search of Pokemons to catch. We were at the mall and saw a lot of funny facial and physical reactions whenever something was caught. People have become strange and oblivious of the surrounding.

It was coincidental that last Friday I bought M2 a new phone for her birthday present albeit belated, upgrading her from the old iPhone4 to an iPhone5c that can support the Pokemon Go. The iPhone4 I believe cannot support the app, so there was double happiness for her, having a faster new phone and being able to play the game. Great timing.

M2 and hubby, the one person whom I least expected to participate in this, are both constantly looking at their smartphones over the weekend and catching Pokemons. And like everyone else, these two have become animated and ridiculous at the same time. 

What about me? 

I have refrained from downloading the app and certainly adamant not to even try the game. It’s enough that I have obsessed over candies, farm animals and monsters, another new addiction to catching Pokemons would certainly do me in. So, no, I am not about to start on it.



25 Jul

King.com has a new game, Farm Heroes Super Saga and I am tempted. The last time they had a new game, Candy Crush Jelly, I tried it but later found it too time consuming, so I deleted the app.

As of now, I play five games only: Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes, Monster Busters and Monster Buster Hexa Blast and these are quite a handful already. Occasionally I still do Piano Tiles and Solitaire. With another Farm Heroes, it may be too much even though it is only one addition. Such difference a game can make.

I am tempted yet holding back.


20 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast finally updated and I have progressed. Yay. Likewise for Candy Crush, at 1732 now after coming out tops (again) for the Piñata Park chapter. And for Monster Busters, currently at Level 512.

On a much brighter note, I crossed 887 for Farm Heroes. Finally. Double yay! But find myself stuck at 772 for Soda. Sigh…

Taking Forever

16 Jun

Monster Busters Hexa Blast is taking forever to update. I am sitting at Level 1175 and going in daily only to collect coins. The other games have progressed well. Monster Busters itself, I am now at Level 501.

For Candy Crush, I am now in Piñata Park at 1722 and even Soda, I finally managed the difficult 765, now at 770. But the same cannot be said for Farm Heroes. Sadly I am still stuck at 887. I don’t know when I will cross this level as it is also taking forever. Sigh…

It’s Been Good

7 Jun

The weather has changed. And this means lazy days ahead, doing nothing but being horizontal and poking away on my iPad to work on my virtual games. I must say it’s been good.

I was champ for the Taffy Treetops chapter of Candy Crush after several missed opportunities in the previous ones. I’ll take whatever comes my way. Now I am at Level 1695 and Level 765 for Soda.

Farm Heroes has also progressed, at 887 now. Hexa Blast has yet to update still, so I just go in to collect the daily coins and lastly, for Monster Busters, I have progressed to Level 464.

Yep. It’s been good.


Moving Day

2 Jun

It’s great when levels that I have been stagnant at finally has movements. For Candy Crush, I have gone on to Level 1683, Soda, when I least expected it, also moved to Level 756.  Same goes for Farm Heroes – unexpected movement.

Hubby was driving and I was being a farmer on my iPad in the car, poking on the screen mindlessly. There was no strategy I must admit. I was just willing time away because traffic was slow. Suddenly, opportunity presented itself and the next thing I knew, I passed Level 883. Wheee…

New levels for Hexa Blast is still not here yet, so I am taking a breather from it and for Monster Busters, I am waiting for the three keys to unlock the next level onwards. For now, I have completed Level 421.

It’s been good.