So Silly of Me, Part 2

18 Nov

Ever since I went past Level 525 in Farm Heroes on the iPad, the app quits every time it’s launched. Hrmph! So annoying. I have to resort to playing on my old iPhone 4, yes, the old faithful, on top of my iPhone5S. I am now at Level 566.

To be frank, I noticed this (the quitting) has become more frequent after several update releases and the introduction of iOS8. I am still holding out on the update of the OS for my iPad.

How do I deal with the situation? I’d do a complete shut down of the iPad, count to ten or more and turn it on again, then the app is fine. I just have to remember to do this more often whenever I hit this snag. So silly of me… otherwise I have to carry two phones again and bring the laptop (especially for Candy Crush) to the office to carry on with my games.

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