Not About to Start

8 Aug

Pokemon Go has finally landed on our shores! And like everywhere else in the world, we saw over the weekend a lot of people pointing their phones away from themselves in public places in search of Pokemons to catch. We were at the mall and saw a lot of funny facial and physical reactions whenever something was caught. People have become strange and oblivious of the surrounding.

It was coincidental that last Friday I bought M2 a new phone for her birthday present albeit belated, upgrading her from the old iPhone4 to an iPhone5c that can support the Pokemon Go. The iPhone4 I believe cannot support the app, so there was double happiness for her, having a faster new phone and being able to play the game. Great timing.

M2 and hubby, the one person whom I least expected to participate in this, are both constantly looking at their smartphones over the weekend and catching Pokemons. And like everyone else, these two have become animated and ridiculous at the same time. 

What about me? 

I have refrained from downloading the app and certainly adamant not to even try the game. It’s enough that I have obsessed over candies, farm animals and monsters, another new addiction to catching Pokemons would certainly do me in. So, no, I am not about to start on it.


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