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A Pesky Problem, Part 2

29 Jul

Who would have thought that a simple and affordable repellent works? Our recent bat repellent, consisting of a stick-on hook to hang the mothball, has been effective!

Soon after we set up the repellent, hubby managed to clean off the stains on the floor. And I’ve been sweeping the area clean to monitor the situation. Immediately, we could see the results.

There were no further droppings of any kind, fruits or seeds, in the area. Wow, if we had known about this much earlier! Nonetheless, it is better to fix the pesky problem now than never.

A Pesky Problem

26 Jul

We have had this pest problem for some time, but we never did anything about it. Recently, the situation got to us because it’s driving us batty literally. A bat or bats are hanging out in front of the house, and there is evidence of their existence. On the ceiling, there are claw scratches. And on the porch floor, messy stains of droppings and fruit seeds. The floor stains are hard to clean off – that’s the most annoying part!

We decided to do something to deter these night critters from hanging out at our place and creating a further mess. And Google is the best place to search for ideas. I found several methods like nets, sound, and scent. Using scent is the least expensive but most effective, specifically, mothballs!

All these repellent methods are not that difficult, and we opted for the scent method, being the most effective. We managed to fix a hook on the ceiling close to the perching spot with some MacGyver methods. And a mothball disc is now hanging there.

Let’s hope this works! In the meantime, we will have to monitor the place to see if there are any new droppings after cleaning up the area.

An Unexpected Scare

4 Apr

Last week, I had a Covid scare. It was a sudden attack of severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and joint aches, symptoms akin to being Covid-positive. It never occurred to me that it could be food poisoning because, with the current pandemic, any illness contracted points to the possibility of being Covid-positive.

The joint pains threw me off as I don’t remember food poisoning having this symptom, and I was in too much pain to bother to google, hence the fear of being Covid-positive. Although I was not running a fever nor having any sore throat, these symptoms were on the Covid-positive watch list. Yikes.

I felt terrible as I lost my appetite, and it was hard to muster up any energy to stay afloat because the cramps were very intense. So off to bed early after downing charcoal pills and pain killers. What other medications could I take? And sleeping off the discomfort and agony was the only solution.

The next day after feeling slightly better, I did a home self-test to assure myself I was not C-positive. And thank goodness, the result was negative. I merely had a horrid case of food poisoning.

The positive from this unpleasantry other than the self-test result is the loss of several pounds! I have been trying to shed some pounds over the past month with morning walks, and this happened instead. Not the proper method to lose weight, but I survived, so yay. I hope from here on I don’t gain them back! And I should be even more careful with my food intake to avoid a repeat of this unexpected scare.

Tag Team Baking

20 Apr

We found the right combination to bake during the MCO last week. Hubby did the dough and I did the filling. The tag team baking worked out well for our first combined attempt – apple tarts because I have the molds. For someone who doesn’t bake, I sure have a lot of baking equipment.

The ideas were from googling up recipes and watching YouTube to find the next easiest thing to bake with the best combination. And basically just to pass time instead of baking bread and cakes (from boxes) individually, this effort was a good variation.

First attempt at apple tarts

The first batch of only five tarts was accidental because there was some dough left from making something else. And since we had apples, why not bake apple tarts? It was experimental as something was right and something was off: the filling was good, the crust needed work.

We tried again two days later. As long as I don’t have to deal with letting the dough sit and rise, I was perfectly contented to make the apple filling. And I made more this second time, using three apples. The first time, just one apple! After all, it was an experiment.

It was fun decorating and after a good 45 minutes in the oven, our effort came out beautifully. The taste? Very good if I must say so. We make a good tag team at baking.

Happy star and Smiley tarts

A Delightful Discovery

13 Sep

It was a typical morning getting ready to leave the house for the office. Sometimes, we would do a quick spot check for caterpillars on the lime tree closest to the car at the front of the house. On this particular morning, we discovered a beauty hiding between the branches!

My my… looking rather alien but not spooked, the moth did not even budged when we took turns to take its picture up close. Later, when we got to the office, hubby googled it up to learn that it was an Oleander Hawk Moth. What a delightul discovery!

This species is rather large, sleek and thrives in warm climates. And it loves to hide within lush green foliage which I don’t think our lime tree is that lush though. But I am not complaining for we had the chance to admire a full grown beautiful moth instead of just caterpillars all the time.



A Behemoth Munch Pot

22 Apr

I couldn’t contain my excitement when hubby told me he spotted a huge caterpillar on the branch of the tree in front of the house. I didn’t realize how huge it was until I saw it with my own eyes. Dang! It was gargantuan. All the earlier ones we found on the Calamansi Lime tree were puny compared to this fella.


Utilizing the zoom-in on the iPhone XR


I had to get the ladder to climb up close to see. And standing two-third high on the nine-foot ladder (the ground wasn’t even to be higher safely without falling), we figured the big fat fella’s at least four inches long. It’s a stupendous sight and discovery indeed!


This may sound disgusting but even its poop was big, peppering the front lawn untidily, as I took my ruler to measure – one centimeter wide. Eeesh…. Eeeesh. This is the real munch pot!


The behemoth creature was proving to be a delight in other aspects too. We discovered that it sort of glowed in the dark. I took a picture of it in the evening and it stood out with much contrast from the foliage. Pretty cool.


We are no caterpillar experts and had to google to find what species it might be because the features are not similar to the earlier Munch Pots at the garden. The exceptional features were the long tubercles on the body and no other color markings. As I researched, I found some interesting caterpillar facts and eventually, managed to identify my behemoth Munch Pot.

It’s an Atlas Moth caterpillar. Wow.

And looks like I will be monitoring the branches the next few days because eventually it will morph into its next stage. I just hope it can last till then because these fellas, being at the bottom of the food chain are easy meat for predators if discovered. So far, it’s survived well to reach this size, hiding under the leaves and branches to eat and eat and eat.


Quite a sight this behemoth caterpillar

Massaged Kale

8 May

Yesterday M1 sent us a picture of her dinner, bought at San Francisco Airport. She was en route to another city but that is not the point. The point here is her dinner.

What is ‘massaged kale’ pray tell? The food that I am used to, Asian or Western or otherwise, does not need any massaging. The only thing I know that needs massaging (besides me) are them cows that give us Wagyu Beef. I never knew vegetable also needs to be massaged. We thought it was funny.

Then I decided to google up the meaning to find out exactly what ‘massaged kale’ is. Ahh… it’s the preparation step.

One should massage the kale with bare hands to soften them. And this process apparently will yield a softer texture, making it easier to chew compared to just using a utensil to toss the greens.

Hmm… We learn something new everyday. I may try both methods just to see the difference if I do buy kale the next time I am at the grocery store.


Can I Skip College?

16 Jun

I never expected this but M2 recently proclaimed that she would like to skip college. I was horrified but thank goodness, I did not faint. I thought with M1 now at college, it would inspire her but no.

This came about after her stress of studying and sitting for her mid-term exams. She had been complaining and asking why she has to study all those subjects that are irrelevant to her in her life. What is the point of learning stuff that will never be of use anyway? And in college, this whole process will be magnified even more. Although she’s only 13, coming to 14 soon, this studying business does not appeal to her.

Oh dear. How to deal with this?

So I asked what will she do instead if she didn’t choose to go to college. She said she will help animals. Ah hah… An opening.

I pointed out that if she wants to help animals, all the more she has to go to college. Otherwise where would she obtain her knowledge to help the hapless animals? As animals can’t talk, it would be tough to figure out their problems.

“I can google up!” she exclaimed.

“You can’t trust everything you find on the internet!” I pointed out to her. And we left things as is for now without things getting blown out of proportion. But I can tell you, this topic is still hanging and am pretty sure we will talk about it again.

Stay tuned.

The Preparations

6 Mar

Unlike the time when I was preparing to leave home for college, the preparations now for M1 are so much easier. With the computer and internet, we can find out just about everything we need to know about the city, the university and its requirements; we can also do everything online so nothing is amiss and on time. We also have the advantage to google up the street level to see the surrounding of her new place or map her walk from the dorm to class! Amazing. None of these available during my time of course as everything was via faxes, snail mail and college prospectus.

And back then, Mom and Dad did not accompany me on my journey simply because Mom said, they wouldn’t know how or what to do to help me. Going along would almost be like a blind leading the blind. But they had faith in me to cope and I did. 

Are we like my parents now and not accompanying M1 on her trip? Well, put it this way, all her needs are taken care of already by the university, what more can we do or offer? Furthermore in this era, I feel we would be suppressing her growth, her journey into adulthood if we went along just to ensure all is fine. She may experience some challenges along the way but didn’t we all? It’s all part of growing up.

Nonetheless, I take comfort of the fact that, unlike before, now with the availability of the mobile phone, we are constantly connected and will be updated 24×7, be it the journey itself or the new life she will lead; and this gives me (and hubby) the assurance that she will cope well. 

Honestly, I do have faith in the young adult that my M1 has grown up to be because if my parents had faith in me when I was at her age, I should be of the same for my child.

Crushed by the Candies

20 Feb

Irked by my recent Candy Crush discovery of still being stuck at Level 500 on my iPad Mini despite progressing on to Level 518 in Facebook on the laptop, I decided to beat the crap out of the candies to move on. Because this sudden nagging feeling is making me queasy and will never cease; furthermore the achievement last year will be meaningless if nothing was done about it.

So with this sudden need to go pass Level 500, I have become an obsessed monster and also an irritated one by the situation. The level is insanely difficult; I even googled up comments on it to assess what I am facing. Indeed dubbed the hardest level of all, I have been crushed by the candies in my quest.

If you are wondering am I coming out of retirement? Well, it is only to conquer this level, so my retired status remains as is.