Thanks Bob Clayton

16 Jan


The community post-Bob Clayton era seems to be doing well. In fact, thriving and happy. So far there has not been any further deaths after his selfless sacrifice except for my phone.

I was admiring the aquarium with its yet-unnamed inhabitants a few days ago and I thought, “Aww… Aren’t you all so pretty!” and decided to take a picture to capture the prettiness, using my iPhone4.

I don’t know what happened exactly but I recall as I was about to swipe the camera from the locked state (of the phone) into action, it did not kick in. Am I that clumsy? I swiped again. And again no response. Then total darkness on the screen!

Horrors! What have I done?! I tried to press the home button. Blackness. I tried the On/Off button. Again blackness. Trying to maintain an unnatural natural calmness in this predicament, I announced, “My phone died.” to hubby and the girls.

“Yay! Mummy can get a new phone!”

“It died?” “How? What happened?”

Obviously there was concern but nobody came rushing forth to comfort me. M2 offered to fiddle with it but confirmed that it was indeed dead. Oh dear. What am I going to do?

Thank goodness the superhero Google Mum in me surfaced and, using the iPad Mini, managed to find the solution to the problem! The iPhone4 has been rescued and up and running fine since. Phew.

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