Can I Have a Camera?

19 Jun

Sometime early last year, M2 wrangled a camera from the hubby. Said she wanted to pursue photography and he obliged. He bought a decent three hundred Ringgit digital camera but sold it to her because since there were no exams and no targets to meet, one cannot simply be rewarded.

Undaunted, she whipped out the amount – saved tediously from all her weekly school allowance – and handed over the cash.

And so the photography craze began. There were pictures of mostly Rooney, her pet frog then, some drawings, the other pets and mundane stuff.

However, time passed and life caught up with homework and school assignments and the photography interest waned.

One day, hubby asked, “So how’s the camera? Any good pictures?” Silence. Then, “I stopped taking pictures. Can I sell the camera back to you?”

“Sell the camera back to me? Hmm. How much?” queried the hubby.

“Three hundred Ringgit,” M2 stated confidently.

“What?! Same price as you bought from me? You can’t do that. It is a used item now and should be cheaper,” argued the hubby.

“No. Now it comes loaded with pictures! So there’s value to it.”

Defeated, the hubby paid for the camera, value-added with an SD card loaded with pictures of Rooney, M2’s pet frog, her drawings, the other pets and mundane stuff.


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