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Full Steam Ahead

18 Oct

Today will be the first day that I will play a full 18-holes of golf. After a 57-day lay off, I think I am ready now. I started out with the driving range, working on my swing again, then a nine- and seven- holes outing. The 7-holes was due to darkness, hence we could not complete the remaining holes.

The wonder gel has worked wonders for the knee so that’s one less problem to worry. The wrist? It’s good too but the thumb, I still have to be careful because the pain does not seem to go away. But then again, at the gym last night, I did 500 reps of everything. Everything that involves the hands, core and legs, and I held up. Thank goodness. Just a little sore here and there but generally okay.

So let’s see how I fare with this full steam ahead step.