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Again and Again

24 Oct

The birds finally came. And they continued to come over the weekend as long as the food was replenished. But they also fought, almost territorial behavior. There was even one who perched on the pole of the little birdhouse and checked out the inside as if contemplating moving in. Nice!

This morning the boisterous chirping greeted me when I came downstairs. And I was pleasantly surprised with the sight – nine little birds, sitting on the wall. I wasn’t quick enough to capture them on my iPhone.

Suddenly along came a busybody of a squirrel who decided to scurry over to see what the fuss was about. Now this squirrel is not the one whom I call Sammy. Sammy hangs out near at the kitchen side of the house and comes around when Rooney does not finish his food, which is often. Sammy is fine with leftover senior citizen food. This other squirrel is new.

It hopped from the frangipani tree onto the wall, causing the birds to fly off, did a quick sniff at the seeds and just as quickly left. Now if it comes around more often, I may have to give it a name too. We shall seeā€¦

One little brave birdie stood firm