Brand Loyalist

25 Oct

I am a brand loyalist I must say. If I buy a product of a particular brand and like it, I will continue to buy it as long as I have a need and use for it. Like my handbags for example. It has to be Salvatore Ferragamo. Different sizes and shapes for different occasions, all my handbags–save for one Furla–and two pairs of shoes are Ferragamo. Brand loyalist. Let’s not even go into the other stuff… 

Recently the loyalty in me acquired yet another Thermos to my collection! There’s already five flasks (six if M1’s unit is also counted) of different sizes and there I was purchasing another. 

It could have been a simple thing but I suddenly needed my coffee to be always hot. So a sipper lid was required. But I didn’t fancy having to use my flask every morning for my coffee because the flip-top is too tedious to flip plus the flask does not have a handle like a mug. And frankly with this criteria, there are not many choices out there, that’s why I ended up with yet another Thermos product.

The purchase was a mug, the ThermoCafe serving this different need. And I love it.


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