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The Other Senior Citizen Pets

6 Oct

I confess… Rooney is not the only senior citizen pet that we have. In fact, there are two others, one which is much older than him and another, about the same age as him.

Unofficial pet number one is actually our green terrapin turtle. We have had Todd for the longest time. In fact, he is much older than M1 and M1 is 19 this year. And being a senior citizen, Todd also has his fair share of issues. Unlike Roo, his issues are health related. 

Several years ago when hubby and I were leaving for London on a business trip, Todd had floating issues and the girls, along with Grandma had to take him to the vet for a week for his daily jab. Fast forward to now, it looks like this problem has recurred.

Poor thing. When we put him in the community pond to chill with all the fishes in there, he just floats and cannot submerge. We will have to monitor his well being.

Then we have another senior citizen. Our regal Arowana. If memory serves me well, Miao-Miao came along before we adopted Roo. Miao-Miao? Another time for the story behind the name. He is one pretty fish. Thankfully, Miao-Miao does not have any issues also, only an occasional diet preference. Definitely nothing compared to the Roo.

Maybe these two are harder to interact with because of their need to be in the water, hence Rooney became official pet number one. Nonetheless, we love them all.

Sigh… Pets. What would our lives be without them?