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It’s a Wrap!

13 Oct

Yesterday was the last PT3 exam paper for M2 and we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate. For the past two months, we saw a new side of her that we never knew existed. Amazing trait for a 15-year old I must say.

Every day, yes, every single day for the last two months, she would sit at the dining table, with books piled up high, and prepared for this exam. And the last two weekends, we stayed around to give her support wherever possible. If anything else, physical presence for comfort and positive vibes to feel good.

There was no need to tell her to study nor was there any need to worry that she won’t do it. She was just so into it, so determined and motivated. 

In fact, the last two nights, she stayed up until 2.00am in a last gasp effort to refresh her memory on topics she covered earlier. Unlike M1 who would wake up at 5.00am to study in the bathroom so that the bedroom remains dark for her sleeping sister and it feels safer (I don’t know know why) than in the living room, M2 prefers to be a night owl to do her studying. Although I disagree with M2’s method because it deprives rest and sleep, I did not want to dismiss her efforts and am thoroughly amazed at her dedication. I was never like that in high school nor college.

The desire to succeed is far greater in her than me. At this point, it doesn’t matter what the outcome of the exam would be, I am just very proud of her. I just hope there won’t be disappointment when the results come out two months later. 

She had lamented once the what if scenario that all her efforts would be wasted if the results are not up to expectations. To this, we told her it is always the effort (journey) and not the result (destination) that matters and one must never feel that the effort is wasted. Along the way, one learns, grows up, sees things in a different light and ultimately, be a better person.

So M2, stand proud and be proud for what you have done the past two months. We are definitely proud of you. Totally deserving of the dinner celebration!