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Boxing Day

26 Dec

It’s Boxing Day and we left town to continue on with the food trail. After the sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner, we spent a very chilled Christmas Day at the mall and checked off a few more items on the ‘To Eat’ list.

The Christmas Eve dinner spread

At Din Tai Fung for xiao long pao & other favs

Milk tea ice cream and black coffee ice cream

We then watched the IMAX version of Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker which was very entertaining. Shopping was not on the agenda that much, rather a cold beer was preferred at our favorite haunt that we brought M1 to.


So this morning, we left home at ten and headed for Big Tree Foot for lunch instead of Ipoh this time. We felt a different destination would be nice for a change. But before we reached our intended destination, the Agromall was a must-stop to buy some local fruits!

We bought some fruits

At Big Tree

The Day After

26 Dec

Normally every year after enjoying the merry-making of the Family Christmas Dinner, we would sleep in. But this year it’s a little different, a break from tradition; firstly, dinner was hosted by us and secondly, it was on Christmas Day itself, not Christmas Eve.

Food preparation was a long process although there wasn’t much cooking. I made the salad, M1 made the mash potatoes, M2 prepared the hors d’oeuvres of smoked bacon and grape on romaine. The focaccia herb mushroom toast bites was team effort, and the turkey and dinner rolls were contributed by my sibling. We did add a couple more purchased roasted chicken to make life easier. It’s a simple spread but satisfying nonetheless.

And because dinner was on Christmas Day itself and Boxing Day is not a holiday, we have to go into the office. Not too long but necessary to wrap up some little work we have left for the year.

Mixed Feelings

29 Dec

This year’s Christmas is a rather long break for us. Hubby and I opted to close the office on Boxing Day too as things are rather slow. With a four and a half day break, all we do is eat and make merry.

We managed to sneak in a golf game to reduce the guilt of eating too much. Other than this, it’s just vegetating on the couch and not much else because weather has been crappy, raining all the time, staying home was a much better option than being out. But of course there’s the candy crushing, farm crop harvesting and soda popping, all couch potato activity.

On the game front, Farm Heroes has progressed on to Level 619 and Candy Crush Soda at Level 105. Even my Zookeeper Battle, I have surpassed my 7000th battle. But Candy Crush remains status quo. I have not moved at all from Level 751 and this is creating a lot of mixed feelings in me. Agony, frustration, annoyance… Sigh.



My ‘best’ attempt had 44 candies left, hardly qualifying as ‘best’ I think. Am I losing my candy crushing ability, I wonder? I just hope I don’t usher in the new year still sitting Level 751 for my Candy Crush. Double sigh…

A Belated Gift

27 Dec

It’s Boxing Day and I had gone to play golf in the morning with the hubby. And obviously I did not open the laptop to play Candy Crush considering it’s an early morning tee off and we shouldn’t be late. But for the record, I have been stuck at Level 500 and it has been most frustrating. These pass few days, being the Christmas holidays with the festive mood, I am hardly working so I have been trying to conquer this level at every opportunity available.

Fast forward to the late afternoon. I came home from my golf outing and routine was normal, playing five unsuccessful rounds of Candy Crush on the laptop before moving back to the iPad for Zookeeper Battle and checking emails. Everything was normal; then in the evening, I reached for the laptop again and launched the game for my usual five attempts at Level 500 but suddenly, I find myself leap-frogged to Level 501!!! Surprised, shocked, taken aback, I couldn’t believe it!


Notice the non-star at Level 500 and question marks for tickets?

Eh? What’s going on? I have been stuck at Level 500 for sometime but out of the blue or is it out of pity, I have been gifted with this! I have gone on to Level 501 without completing Level 500 and without even asking for tickets to go on to this latest chapter, Ice Cream Caves.

A belated Christmas gift? A computer glitch? A loyalty reward? Whatever it is, gee, thanks King.com! I just hope you don’t reverse what you just did for I have gone on to Level 506. A gift’s a gift, no taking back, belated as it may be.