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Living in Fear

17 Mar

When 2020 came around, there were many positive thoughts and attitude towards the new year. After all, it’s the start to a new decade, and maybe a better outlook after what felt like a dismal 2019. It will be the best year to come, many thought.

How wrong we all were! Barely three months into the year, humanity has been threatened by a new contagious virus never encountered before: the Covid-19. As such, everything has been disrupted with daily routines being thrown into disarray to circumvent the spread. You could say the whole world has almost come to a standstill with the pandemic outbreak. Unprecedented!

My country has not been spared. With a surge in cases at the beginning of this week, the government of Malaysia has imposed a partial lockdown starting tomorrow until the end of March. Panic buying has also occurred here. Luckily we were sensible enough to stock up our food supplies last week.

It’s as if the virus is a smarter-than-us alien attacking mankind like a gripping sci-fi movie from Hollywood. Always one step ahead to avoid detection, it lurks then pounces on the unsuspecting and weak. The intention: to take over our world and make it their own, wiping out mankind in the process. Horrifying thoughts in overdrive mode here. Shudder…

Do we need to collectively pray for divine intervention and perhaps a miracle to overcome this? Or should it be social consciousness or even civic-mindedness to prevent the spread? I can’t find the right words for this…

Every single human being has to do their part and be socially responsible, whether directly or indirectly to combat this together. The phrase “United we stand, divided we fall” is so apt right now. Otherwise the whole world will be living in fear until there is a breakthrough to fight this infectious virus. When? We don’t know… God help us all.

Boxing Day

26 Dec

It’s Boxing Day and we left town to continue on with the food trail. After the sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner, we spent a very chilled Christmas Day at the mall and checked off a few more items on the ‘To Eat’ list.

The Christmas Eve dinner spread

At Din Tai Fung for xiao long pao & other favs

Milk tea ice cream and black coffee ice cream

We then watched the IMAX version of Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker which was very entertaining. Shopping was not on the agenda that much, rather a cold beer was preferred at our favorite haunt that we brought M1 to.


So this morning, we left home at ten and headed for Big Tree Foot for lunch instead of Ipoh this time. We felt a different destination would be nice for a change. But before we reached our intended destination, the Agromall was a must-stop to buy some local fruits!

We bought some fruits

At Big Tree

A Drowned Caterpillar

31 May

These past few weeks, it has been raining just about every single evening or alternate evenings. It isn’t nice. For us, the rain disrupts a lot of afternoon or evening plans. We wouldn’t play golf in the afternoons because we know it will be a wash out, so only morning tee offs for us.

By three o’clock everyday, we can hear thunder and rumbling. Then it pours. And pours like crazy.

In the evenings if the rain came down too heavy, there would be traffic snarls to deal with, so any plans to go out had to be reconsidered. But of course if the rain wasn’t long and heavy, we will go ahead with whatever we plan. We had to cancel our movie date to watch John Wick 3: Parabellum the first time because of the rain as it was just too troublesome. We watched it three days later when the weather was better.

Last week, during the public holiday on Wednesday and we were home after the morning golf game, the skies opened up without fail. It rained so heavily that afternoon, the garden was flooded. And official pet number one was grumpy and terrified at the same time because of the wet condition, loud thunder and lightning.


The poor caterpillar

After the rain stopped, hubby was out in the garden to inspect his plants and discovered a drowned caterpillar! It’s incredulous and terrible at the same time as we have never seen anything like this before.

The poor creature was exposed in the open and the pelting rain was too much for it to withstand thus, laid battered and drowned on the leaf. But amazingly, it stayed there and did not plunge to the ground. Rain affects not only us, even small creatures too are at risk.

On hindsight of this unfortunate incident, maybe it’s a good thing that there has not been many caterpillars on our lime trees lately, otherwise they could have also suffered the same fate as this fella.


Movie Buff

17 Jul

It is only a Friday and a public holiday but feels like a Saturday. So we will be doing the weekend routine but with a twist.

We are going to the mall for a back-to-back movie outing! I find that this year I am watching a lot more movies than ever. I am never the movie buff like my sibling and Dad. Maybe this will change this year.

Dad was a movie buff. I remember when I was young, he would bring my sibling and I to the movies to watch the latest releases of Chinese Kung Fu movies. And we would do this frequently. Dad was into this genre and an occasional thriller/adventure but not soppy romances and horrors. Back in the dinosaur days, western entertainment offerings were rather limited and only mostly from Hong Kong as it was very costly to bring in a Hollywood movie.

I never understood all these fighting and its plots; I merely read the sub-titles but I enjoyed myself with the cold air-con, my usual choice of melon seeds and messing up the floor with the shells. Dad was into garbanzo beans. Less messy.

Cinema halls back then are also so different from theaters of today. For a mere a dollar more, Dad would always, always buy tickets for the upstairs gallery as the tiered seating offered better viewing than the ground floor, where seats are not tiered.

Theaters today offer so much more comfort, ease and choice. We pre-selected our seats and show time online to plan the day ahead. It’s a good bonding time with M2, doing something with her that she enjoys.

How Come I Never Got Flowers? Part 2

21 Oct

The big exam is nearing for M1. She has been very focused and determined. For this, I am so proud of her but I also worry at the pace that she has been pushing herself.

At times, she would wake up at 5.30 in the morning and put in an hour’s study before getting ready for school. Such discipline! I must admit I was never like that in high school. Maybe in college burning the midnight oil, yes but never like this, waking up before the sun.

Her language teacher has been really supportive. The extra classes under her tutelage has done wonders for my child. And the encouragement the teacher gives her has been truly amazing. She even treated M1 and some of the other students to dinner and a movie two weeks ago. A break and some relaxation time for them to unwind and not be so uptight with the exam preparation. Wow.

Teachers nowadays make me envious. How come I never received such treatment when I was in school? Prior to this, M1 received flowers from her teachers for good luck and now this, an outing treat. As time draws near to the exam, it will be all up to her and at that point, we give her all the moral and emotional support. I know she will do well and will always be proud of her no matter what the outcome.