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Whoa! What a Move!

17 Mar

Saturday night proved to be fruitful. We came home late after having dinner and spending some quality time with my mother, my sibling and his family. Seated in front of the tv, I felt the urge to do something with my hands, I automatically reached for the laptop and before I realized it, Candy Crush was launched. Since I am still ‘stuck’ at Level 519, why not just try.

And what do you know? I crossed Level 519! As a result, I moved a level up. Feeling pumped with this unexpected progress, I shut down the laptop and went to get my iPad. Maybe tonight Lady Luck is with me, what with just happened on the laptop. Zookeeper Battle and Farm Heroes were neglected as I launched Candy Crush again.

So I started crushing candies at Level 500. This is where all my complicated and non-synching issues began – despite being able to play Level 530 (on the iPad), my avatar has been stuck at Level 500 but I appear at Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop.

It seems that after this latest update (last Friday), Level 500 is easier to play. And true enough! With Lady Luck on my side, I finally overcomed Level 500 and my avatar leap-frogged all the way to Level 530!!! Whoa, what a move!!! I feel elated.


Lookie where I am now!



Looking clear!

Oh… and Ice Cream Caves turned clear.

Level 500 was the key to solving all this non-synching issues and I finally did it. But another waiting period beckons as there are no new chapters to move forth. The game on both the laptop (in Facebook) and iPad are now in synch and me being at the rightful place on both devices but the wait for the saga continues.


A Ridiculous Quest

11 Mar

I have been kept busy lately with my three games – Candy Crush, Farm Heroes and Zookeeper Battle. In between, of course, there’s work at the office, golf and minding the children. Throw in my reading… busy indeed.

While I have been frustrated by Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, Zookeeper Battle makes up for the frustration and balances up the agony because it’s all about skills and speed to battle. Also it does not have pretentious cute animals that pull at your heart; they are simply either strong or weak, no deceiving characters.

But why am I still crushing candies eventhough I have declared I have retired? Well, it is only to ‘fix’ the problem in hand, appearing at Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop but being stagnant and sitting at Level 500 on the iPad yet playing at Level 530. Something is not synching right, so I have to right it.

While waiting for lives, I read or alternate between these three games and still mind the children. However, I find the latest quest (Level 129) in Farm Heroes ridiculous! How does one collect 90 water droplets, 90 carrots, 90 apples AND 90 sunshines in 9 moves? Forget them cropsies looking cute, this ridiculous quest is just unachievable.

It’s So Weird

7 Mar

What do you know? Right after I swore off Candy Crush, declaring to just give up, stop playing, call it quits, the app updated to the Sour Salon chapter on the iPad, to be the same as Facebook on the laptop. Eeesh.

Here’s the weird thing: on the iPad, I see my avatar still stuck at Level 500 yet I am able to play beyond Level 500 because technically I have reached 519 in Facebook on the laptop. Although I have all the stars in the Ice Cream Caves chapter after Meringue Moor, the chapter graphic just does not show on the iPad, it’s a blur. So weird.

And being at Level 519 in Sour Salon on the iPad, I can actually continue what I was doing on the laptop prior to the update, and that is to play on instead of just going with my earlier resolution a day before, which is to just give up. It’s so weird. And without frustration, I have actually progressed onto Level 530, the end of Sour Salon!!! I don’t know how to explain but the pictures say it all…


Sitting at Level 500 on the iPad.


Ice Cream Caves looking a blur on the iPad.


Ice Cream Caves crystal clear in Facebook on the laptop!


I have reached Level 530 in Sour Salon on the iPad.


But wait! Look where I am in FB on the laptop? Level 519!!!

What’s even more weird is that in Facebook on the laptop, I am still at 519!

I Should Just Stop

5 Mar

It looks like I am never going to cross Candy Crush’s Level 500 on my iPad Mini. Between this frustration and the one of Farm Heroes, the annoying rabbit in Level 123, I have come to a conclusion on how to deal with Candy Crush especially.

Well, for starters, I can’t ‘hate’ candies like how I feel for the rabbit in Farm Heroes. I just simply shouldn’t play Candy Crush on my iPad anymore. But try as I may, the lure of the candies has me playing Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop instead. It’s a weird situation, Level 500 still on the iPad but Level 519 in Facebook on the laptop. Frankly, I should just stop.

Goodbye Spidey!

27 Feb

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning; M1 went for her usual Physics and Chemistry tuition and we were home idling the hours away until it was time to fetch her. Frustrated by the non-progress in my Candy Crush attempts at Level 500, I decided to channel my energy to clean out M2’s wardrobe instead. This was a long overdue dreaded chore that I had put off for the longest time possible until now.

M2 has clothes that she has outgrown and we needed to look through them to either throw or give away. The piles were growing… from tee shirts, singlet, shorts to school uniforms and pyjamas. As we were going through each item, we stumbled upon her superhero pyjamas!

Wow. Quite a collection she has… Batman, The Incredibles and Spider-Man. Spidey was her favorite so much so, she had two sets of it in the original colors (red and blue) and one in black. We reminisced for a bit on Spidey and decided she’s passed the stage donning hero jammies; after all M2 is going on 13 this year and we didn’t think she can fit into them anymore.

So goodbye Spidey (and others), you were cool and will be missed. Reluctantly, all the superheroes were placed in the give-away pile. But she kept the Spidey masks for old time’s sake.


Crushed by the Candies

20 Feb

Irked by my recent Candy Crush discovery of still being stuck at Level 500 on my iPad Mini despite progressing on to Level 518 in Facebook on the laptop, I decided to beat the crap out of the candies to move on. Because this sudden nagging feeling is making me queasy and will never cease; furthermore the achievement last year will be meaningless if nothing was done about it.

So with this sudden need to go pass Level 500, I have become an obsessed monster and also an irritated one by the situation. The level is insanely difficult; I even googled up comments on it to assess what I am facing. Indeed dubbed the hardest level of all, I have been crushed by the candies in my quest.

If you are wondering am I coming out of retirement? Well, it is only to conquer this level, so my retired status remains as is.

A Pointless Update

23 Jan

This morning when I woke up and reached for my iPad, I discovered Candy Crush had an update. Hah! Finally… but I find this pointless as the update is only until Level 500.


I thought then maybe I should peek into Facebook and see if the game there updated as well, considering I have been sitting at Level 515 since December 31st, 2013. Nope.

So I remain retired from the game. Sigh. But I am not complaining, Farm Heroes with its cute cropsies are keeping me busy!

A Belated Gift

27 Dec

It’s Boxing Day and I had gone to play golf in the morning with the hubby. And obviously I did not open the laptop to play Candy Crush considering it’s an early morning tee off and we shouldn’t be late. But for the record, I have been stuck at Level 500 and it has been most frustrating. These pass few days, being the Christmas holidays with the festive mood, I am hardly working so I have been trying to conquer this level at every opportunity available.

Fast forward to the late afternoon. I came home from my golf outing and routine was normal, playing five unsuccessful rounds of Candy Crush on the laptop before moving back to the iPad for Zookeeper Battle and checking emails. Everything was normal; then in the evening, I reached for the laptop again and launched the game for my usual five attempts at Level 500 but suddenly, I find myself leap-frogged to Level 501!!! Surprised, shocked, taken aback, I couldn’t believe it!


Notice the non-star at Level 500 and question marks for tickets?

Eh? What’s going on? I have been stuck at Level 500 for sometime but out of the blue or is it out of pity, I have been gifted with this! I have gone on to Level 501 without completing Level 500 and without even asking for tickets to go on to this latest chapter, Ice Cream Caves.

A belated Christmas gift? A computer glitch? A loyalty reward? Whatever it is, gee, thanks King.com! I just hope you don’t reverse what you just did for I have gone on to Level 506. A gift’s a gift, no taking back, belated as it may be.

It Ain’t Over

20 Dec

I thought my candy crushing days met its end four days ago when I reached Level 500 in Facebook. Thinking I would take my time to do so, I had not been opening the laptop to attempt to finish it. After all, the updates have been really slow especially on the iPad.

But this morning I was surprised to see, in Facebook on the laptop, the saga has continued until Level 515! Yay.

I guess it ain’t over! And ever since I have been having problems launching the Papa Pear Saga on my iPad, it’s back to crushing candies for me.

Done with Candy Crush?

17 Dec

Yesterday, I reached Level 500 of Candy Crush in Facebook and should be completing it anytime soon. And for Dreamworld, its subset game, on the same day too I completed Level 65 and now, have to wait for the update. But do I want to? Does this mean I am officially retiring from the game?


The end is here


To go on or not??

Then again, I do hope an update will be soon or else I have nothing to play! I can’t seem to get into the Papa Pear Saga, it’s just not the same. As for Zookeeper Battle, I have also lost some steam in my efforts after completing my 3000th battle. Sigh.