Hotel Pillows Suck

28 Oct

Sometime back I read an article on CNN ( about hotel pillows and thought about my habit of bringing a travel pillow along.

Whenever I travel and wherever it may be, I am guilty of bringing my travel pillow along. But I am sure I am not the only one with this idiosyncrasy. While some hotel/resort offerings are nice and comfortable for our enjoyment, the comfort of the offered pillow is just too critical. It can make or break the vacation happiness. I dare say my faithful pillow has clocked in some impressive mileage along with me.

You can give me foam, memory, contoured, down-filled with goose or chicken feathers for all I care, my travel pillow takes the shine out of the hotel’s star rating.

Does this mean hotel pillows suck? Yep, at least for me, regardless of the 3-, 4- or even 5-stars accorded.

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    […] And the bed was equally good with the right firmness. For once, I didn’t have to whip out my travel pillow, which I brought along, to have a good night’s sleep. And the bathroom hooks! There was ample […]

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