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How Come I Never Got Flowers? Part 2

21 Oct

The big exam is nearing for M1. She has been very focused and determined. For this, I am so proud of her but I also worry at the pace that she has been pushing herself.

At times, she would wake up at 5.30 in the morning and put in an hour’s study before getting ready for school. Such discipline! I must admit I was never like that in high school. Maybe in college burning the midnight oil, yes but never like this, waking up before the sun.

Her language teacher has been really supportive. The extra classes under her tutelage has done wonders for my child. And the encouragement the teacher gives her has been truly amazing. She even treated M1 and some of the other students to dinner and a movie two weeks ago. A break and some relaxation time for them to unwind and not be so uptight with the exam preparation. Wow.

Teachers nowadays make me envious. How come I never received such treatment when I was in school? Prior to this, M1 received flowers from her teachers for good luck and now this, an outing treat. As time draws near to the exam, it will be all up to her and at that point, we give her all the moral and emotional support. I know she will do well and will always be proud of her no matter what the outcome.