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Serenaded by Bull Frogs!

5 Oct

We came back to the villa, serenaded by bull frogs. I must admit, even for me, I have never heard such an orchestra, let alone both my city girls. There’s at least five to six of them and they sound like they are blowing horns.

Despite the rain that has washed out the last three days of our time in Krabi, we have enjoyed ourselves immensely without hurry and worry. A time to be treasured, I would say Villa Thalanena has been extremely pleasant. My Sunseeker bikini unfortunately never saw the sun and I remain uneven in my tan lines. Perhaps the next trip, we have to be more mindful of the weather. But until that happens, I am glad we did this trip as a family.

Tomorrow we leave this place with happy memories but we will definitely be back again because we still have that island trip to do, remember?


Change of Plans

5 Oct

We lunched at Akanak Resort and watched the intermittent rain, glad in a way we are not caught in the rain or stranded on an island. I don’t think it’s fun this way.

Our driver is a good host, planning our menu again for dinner. We didn’t have to worry what and where to eat, it’s all taken care of. Then instead of just sitting around, we decided to go shopping. After all, we have the umbrellas with us to walk the streets if the rain is just a slight drizzle. If it gets any heavier, we can always go to Tesco! Hahahaha…

We ended up at Jee-or Souvenir Shop. The girls bought souvenirs for their friends. Nothing caught my fancy because firstly, I’ve collected enough Thai souvenirs and secondly I have Krabi fridge magnets already. The weather continues to be threatening with another downpour as we head into Krabi town.

The next stop being Outlet Village. Nothing interesting so we moved on and ended up at Tesco Lotus! Heheh… Told you we will come here.

Well, what else can we do and where else can we go in this rained out situation? Everyone did not mind as we filled the trolley with junk food! And being silly showing off our DQ Blizzards.

In the end, I think the day went well and now we head back to the villa, satisfied and happy.



Killing Time, Part 2

5 Oct

There was a short little burst of sunlight after breakfast so we took that opportunity to walk to the nearby beach. The girls managed to comb the beach for some pretty shells while I made use of whatever sun there is to attempt to soak up some rays. But I don’t think it is working.

Hubby spotted the fast approaching rain from the horizon and quickly we packed up to head back to the villa. Thank goodness we brought the four umbrellas along for it poured before we reached the villa. Another washed out day.

Any thoughts of going to the island is now squashed as the driver advised us even the boatman is against it with choppy waters ahead. Safety over adventure is more important, one has to remember this.

Feeling sorry for us, our driver brought us to their neighboring sister resort, Akanak Resort, for a drink and a change in surrounding. We have all the time in the world now. So a Singha each, we might as well practice patience and just enjoy killing time.




Killing Time

5 Oct

We took our time at breakfast, savoring every bite at a leisurely pace. But one can only eat so much and so slow. The rain kept at a steady pace that is mildly annoying. To go or not to go to the islands?

Bored, we started playing with our food. M1 was counting watermelon seeds when a brilliant idea hit her! Pick the seeds out from a dragon fruit.

So she started on this and I did the same. Soon another idea hit me and I got very busy with the toothpick.

A fine time killing exercise I would say.




Rain or More Rain

5 Oct

Everyday’s prayer for sunshine has failed. It is Day 3 of our time in Krabi and this morning, upon opening the door, the sounds of rainfall is much louder and stronger. Hmm… we may have to reconsider the plans to Hong Island as it isn’t a rain or shine situation but a rain or more rain one.

Looking upwards at the sky, there does not seem to be a break in the dull grey clouds. Dare we hope for a ray of light and some sunshine? Thankfully the girls are taking the situation in stride. Hubby is glad to just not do anything. As for me, well, I am only disappointed that my uneven golf tan lines remain uneven.