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Becoming One of Them

10 Oct

I used to shake my head and laugh at those Candy Crush addicts who would resort to texting or calling their friends or family for lives/tickets when they run out/need it. Well you know what? I have become one of them now. Not for Candy Crush but for Farm Heroes.

I am resigned to the fact that I am never going to cross Level 677 of Candy Crush so I stay focused on my farm. Two nights ago, I finally passed Level 505 (of Farm Heroes) and had to ask for tickets. My studious M1 has deactivated her Facebook account to focus on her studies, so I cannot be asking her for ticket. With only hubby and Rooney (official pet number one who has an FB account too) to rely on, I am still one ticket short.

In the middle of the night, in desperation, I sent ticket requests to those I know who plays the game and when there was no immediate response, I didn’t know what to do and went to bed feeling incomplete.

The next morning, when there were still no tickets that came my way, I WhatsApp-ed my gym trainer for help. Yes, unbelievable but I did this.