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I Don’t Get It

22 May

There’s this new gadget in the market touted as a stress-relieving toy and apparently it appeals to the young ones.

I purposely purchased one to see what the fuss is all about. And when my toy came, I was excited initially. But when I ripped open the box and held the gadget in my hand, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Obviously I am not so young anymore when I don’t get it, true to what CNN reported recently that adults don’t get it.

If I am supposed to do some balancing or gravity-defying tricks besides just twirling it, I’m not sure I would want to. Then again, either I learn some new tricks or be frustrated and end up being more stressed than relieved with it!

Ending on a High

30 Dec

Yesterday morning, we decided to give Ben Thanh Market another shot and visited again after breakfast. My game plan was not to look at any vendor in the eye and just look at the things on display. And if anything catches my fancy, I’d just whip out my iPhone5S, aim, shoot and walk off. It worked.

Managed to walk certain areas we missed the day before and these pictures sure are interesting. After the walkabout, we decided to walk around the neighborhood to kill some time. After all, our pick up was coming only by 12.30pm and we had more than a couple more hours. Hubby didn’t think we should stay in the room watching CNN and listening to depressing world news. 

I’d say it was a good workout but one must be careful when walking because the pavements are not even. I stumbled a few times when I was looking up.

We didn’t want to wander off too far and soon made our way back to the hotel, did a final packing, showered and checked out. Traffic was a slow crawl but we still arrived at the airport early. 

After saying our goodbyes to our tour guide and driver, we waited until the counters opened and checked in. And for the first time in five days, we craved something else to line the tummy. So M2 and I had Burger King and M1 had a sushi roll; hubby still chose Pho. 

We had a good holiday. 


Pickled stuff


Fresh mushroom


Dried mushrooms of all sizes


Cuttlefish and nuts


Missed out eating here. Next time!


Nearby park


M1 getting a ride


On the runway


Goodbye Ho Chi Minh!


Hotel Pillows Suck

28 Oct

Sometime back I read an article on CNN (http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/27/travel/hotel-pillows/index.html) about hotel pillows and thought about my habit of bringing a travel pillow along.

Whenever I travel and wherever it may be, I am guilty of bringing my travel pillow along. But I am sure I am not the only one with this idiosyncrasy. While some hotel/resort offerings are nice and comfortable for our enjoyment, the comfort of the offered pillow is just too critical. It can make or break the vacation happiness. I dare say my faithful pillow has clocked in some impressive mileage along with me.

You can give me foam, memory, contoured, down-filled with goose or chicken feathers for all I care, my travel pillow takes the shine out of the hotel’s star rating.

Does this mean hotel pillows suck? Yep, at least for me, regardless of the 3-, 4- or even 5-stars accorded.