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Tall People Travel Too

3 Apr

I speak purely from a shorty’s point of view when it comes to height challenging situations during my travels. The few encounters I had are definitely opposites for a tall person. A reader highlighted this to me.

It never crossed my mind that tall people also have travel woes – simple things like the hotel room’s mirror being too low and the shower head being too low as well for their tall frame. Wow. I never knew.

Hubby and the girls are all average like me. But my only sibling is a one tall dude, standing at six feet in height while yours truly, almost a foot shorter than him (5 feet 1.5 inches). I do remember brother dearest has mentioned to me before that normal beds was a issue for him. His feet would stick out of the bed but other than this, I have not heard much of his height travel woes.

Somewhere along the growing up years, he must have eaten more of something that I didn’t… How else can I explain this huge height discrepancy?

Wouldn’t it be awesome for the travel scene if the hospitality industry came up with two types of room: one for short travelers and one for tall travelers to address the height challenges? But would cost be a deterrent to make this happen?

Wishful thinking… so whether you are tall or short, keep on traveling so that there’s stories and experiences to share!!!

Hotel Pillows Suck

28 Oct

Sometime back I read an article on CNN (http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/27/travel/hotel-pillows/index.html) about hotel pillows and thought about my habit of bringing a travel pillow along.

Whenever I travel and wherever it may be, I am guilty of bringing my travel pillow along. But I am sure I am not the only one with this idiosyncrasy. While some hotel/resort offerings are nice and comfortable for our enjoyment, the comfort of the offered pillow is just too critical. It can make or break the vacation happiness. I dare say my faithful pillow has clocked in some impressive mileage along with me.

You can give me foam, memory, contoured, down-filled with goose or chicken feathers for all I care, my travel pillow takes the shine out of the hotel’s star rating.

Does this mean hotel pillows suck? Yep, at least for me, regardless of the 3-, 4- or even 5-stars accorded.