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Washed Out

4 Oct

After the heavy downpour, we came back from Aonang disappointed. The rain really messed up the plans. So we had to improvise. M2 decided to jump into the pool, I had second thoughts after dipping my toes in the water, M1 decided to read and hubby just crashed on the sofa.

All these were after we checked out the beach close by under a slight drizzle. I wouldn’t say we feel cooped up but more of opportunities wasted because of the rain, sometimes heavy and sometimes not. Nothing solid can be done or carried out accordingly. In the end, we simply hung out at the villa. We even preordered dinner like yesterday. And this time, we took in dessert as well. No point venturing out, right?

We decided against going into Krabi town because again, the rain would have rendered the situation not practical to walk on the streets. Like this afternoon. So after dinner, we called it a night and I decided to get warm and comfy in bed.

Tomorrow is another day. It most likely will rain but I think I wouldn’t be too upset over it. So the plan remains, going to Hong Island, rain or shine.






It’s Pouring More than Cats and Dogs

4 Oct

I am so glad we stopped at Jeseao, number 1 Italian and Best Indian food restaurant, for that beer. It’s pouring like crazy! I think the three little umbrellas that we have isn’t enough to save us from being drenched.

Since it’s so heavy, might as well order up another beer! This time, it’s a Singha.



Being a Tourist

4 Oct

After breakfast, we left the villa for Phunaka, the elephant trek place. The day started off cloudy for our elephant ride. It was fun! In the end, weather was perfect, not too hot and overcast.

Apparently our rides were 30- and 40-years old. They trekked with a mind of their own, constantly stopping to rummage for food. All in all, I think it was a good experience for the girls. For me, this is my second time; the first being in Chiangmai with hubby several years back.

After our ride and a short little show by the baby elephant, our driver dropped us off at Aonang. There, we browsed the shops lining the main street, stopping only for a Chang beer and a bite.

The weather continues to be cloudy. I doubt I can even out my uneven golf tan lines.




The Weather’s the Spoiler

4 Oct

Krabi is an hour behind home in the time zone. I woke up before the alarm went off at 7.00am and looked out to the pool; there is a slight pitter patter sound outside. Oh no, drizzling! How are we going for our adventure in this weather?

I hope by breakfast time and the car ride after, the weather will clear up for us to have a fun-filled and busy day. Last night after dinner, we decided to take in an elephant ride, visit Aonang and Krabi. Let’s hope today’s plan will materialize.