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I Have a Room

7 Feb

Throughout my professional career as a Graphic Designer/Assistant Art Director/Art Director/Design Director, I have never had a room of my own in the office. Maybe because when one works in a design studio or art department, these places are open concept environments.

At least it was like this for me in all the places that I have worked in. In New York City where I interned and then worked at, WBMG., Inc. was an open concept design and I had a drafting table in the organized design studio. And I must admit I modelled my own studio like their setup when we first started our company.

Then in Adweek, the old office on 23rd Street was also open concept and I had a drafting table amidst other drafting tables of the rather chaotic setup of the art department. Only the Editor had a room if I recall. When the company moved to their new place on Broadway and it was more organized, I had a cubicle workstation.

Although the cubicles were quite high, I could still yak with my colleagues. Now come to think of it, even though I may not see them because the cubicle system obstructed my view, I could still talk to everyone in the whole art department!

The next work place, a publishing house in KL was also the same with an open concept setup. No room, just a table and sufficient to work.

Then my own design studio. Open concept too. But after all these years of being in an open concept work environment, I now find myself having a room at our new office! A definite first for me.

And I think I kinda like it simply because I get to display all my toys in a more organized manner than anything else! They now have a wall to lean against without crowding my workspace. In an open office, it wasn’t easy to surround my space with plushies, my array of display-worthy collectibles and gum ball machine but now, I can do it! Nice.

Plus I can play my choice of music (Michael Buble! yay) without disagreement from the team. So having a room for a change is nice, very nice.


Ending the Year

30 Dec

Today I am back to reality as I have to go in to the office. It won’t be a lot of work but just to clear things that piled up during my absence. 

It has been a tumultuous year. There have been more downs than ups for me this year – injury that needed treatment, therapy and rest, work stress, death of pets and hearing/reading news of favorite singers (Prince, George Michael) and icons (Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia) gone too soon. I will go into my George Michael mode today, so move aside Michael Buble.

But trips like this to Vietnam with the family and golfing trips with friends are definitely highlights to cherish. I take heart that my 2016 is ending high with a very memorable family trip and looking forward to another occasion like this again. It may not be so soon as M1 goes back to university next week, so we will have to plan.

To all my readers, thank you for your support, reading and following my blog. Here’s wishing you a better and happier 2017!

Some Things Do Change

20 Dec

While some things never change, some things do and we have to learn to go with the flow. Otherwise, we will be more dinosaur than ever.

When I went off to college and came home for the holidays, the aircrafts that I flew in were mostly the Boeing 747-400 model and I thought this aircraft was very comfortable. I loved the B747.

When M1 came back last week, she flew on United Airlines. And for the SFO-NRT leg, it was a B747 and because there were no personal entertainment units, she did not appreciate the aircraft like me. The final leg home was with a Boeing 787-8 and she thought, thankfully that was much better. 

I believe the B747 model has been replaced with newer and younger fleets by most airlines of the world except a handful like United Airlines. And you realize things change when your experiences that you cherish differ from your offsprings.

When I was younger, I would save every penny of my allowance and waited until there was an opportunity to go buy a cassette or two of my favourite musician(s). Then with my Sony Walkman (also purchased with endless savings), plugging in to my music was the best thing in life.

These days, like me, my M2 says she cannot function without music. So her iPod and a set of headphones go wherever she goes. And how does she get her music?


In fact, recently she asked if she could subscribe to Spotify Premium and hubby allowed; she ‘paid’ for the monthly subscription with her allowance. Now this makes you really open your eyes and acknowledge that things and time have changed when the need for the same thing has evolved with technology. Going out with the girls, I have also evolved, allowing them to plug in their music in my car instead of subjecting everyone to my CD choices of Jacky Cheung or Michael Buble.

Hmm… Maybe I should consider getting Spotify and perhaps plan a vacation flying off somewhere long haul with any aircraft other than the B747-400.

Do Dinosaurs Need Peace and Quiet to Think?

21 Nov

Sometimes I think of myself as a dinosaur because the things I see today are so different from my growing up days. And I find myself reminiscing about the good old days a lot when seeing my teenager second child does the things she does these days. Makes me acutely aware that indeed, times have changed.

These last two weeks I find myself needing extra peace and quiet surrounding me when I do my work in the office. A strange change in me. Have I evolved?

Although there is music in the studio as I feel it’s necessary to mask the sometimes enormous silence, I find it especially annoying when the DJs chatter more than play music, thus breaking my concentration. And this is precisely why I prefer Michael Buble in my car over the radio.

Currently, I am working on yet another design project and this time, the need to formulate my thoughts in quietness is important because I need to ensure every aspect of the identity’s application is cohesive and covered. So there shouldn’t be distractions. Unlike projects that require music blasting to spur my creativity, now it’s quietness that is necessary. Looks like the thought process outlining the application of a design is different from the design itself. I must have evolved.

It made me wonder, out of the blue, do real dinosaurs needed the same when they were thinking what to eat? Where to go? Would music derail their thoughts and decisions? It’s a silly thought.



Tired of Michael

5 Nov

I listen to Michael Buble in my car all the time. But sometimes when I get tired of him, I switch to Jacky Cheung or Sam Cooke. Pretty lame music choices but they are soothing. And definitely way better than the radio that constantly has annoying chatter and cackles plus advert interruption. 

If I want to drive to work daily, at least it should be pleasant and pleasant ambience, music in other words, is important.

Now my six CD changer in the car has gone kaput. So I am only using the single CD player. Hence the same music all the time. Sigh… unless I change and it is quite a bother to do so.

Last week, I rediscovered my iPod Mini. The first generation model and the first of my many Apple devices. And in it, I loaded 932 songs which would be ideal for the car! It’s pre-Michael days and so many genre and choices.

But alas… the dinosaur device can’t hold water. Its battery simply cannot last. Double sigh…

Thank goodness I found my other device, the iPod Shuffle and with 124 songs in it and pre-Michael days too, I am pretty much spoilt for choice. So yay, no more Michael for the time being until I get tired of the 124 songs.


A Different Michael

17 Jul
Ladies and gentlemen... it's George Michael!

Ladies and Gentlemen… it’s George Michael!

As much as I enjoy Michael Bublé, there is only so much even I can take it. Of late, Michael has been sidelined as the choice music in my car for another couple of Michaels.

First it was Michael Jackson, then George Michael. Georgie has been crooning to me for slightly longer than Mr Jackson but I think he will be replaced soon. My mood dictates the music in my car.

Giving Michael a Break

25 Feb

Recently I decided to change the music choice in my car. I have been faithfully listening to Michael Buble all this while. Then Imagine Dragon caught my attention, so all the Michael CDs has been retired and in their place, Imagine Dragon.


I think the girls are relieved that they don’t have to be subjected to Michael whenever we go out using my car instead of hubby’s. In this essence, I am relieved I don’t have to wave to deaf ears whenever I have to speak to them in my car.

Michael Bublé Again?!

27 Aug


“Michael Bublé again?! Arghh…… Noooo…..”

That’s what I get when I decide to drive. I love my car and my music, with the current choice being Michael Bublé. I don’t listen to the radio as I find it annoying with far too many advertisement jingles. And I certainly can’t tweak up Eminem when my girls are in my car!

Whenever we are getting ready to go out, both girls will ask, “Mummy’s car or Daddy’s car?” If given the choice, they’d rather go with the hubby’s mode of transport. And regardless of which car, they will bring their iPods and headphones along. Annoys me especially when I have to talk to them and they can’t hear.

Why can’t children nowadays appreciate our choice of music? Once I put on some oldies (from my iPod Shuffle) in the car and M2 voiced out, “Mummy! What music is this?”

“The 90s music. My kind of music,” I said and she went, “Oh. Sorry I wasn’t even born yet!” Ouch.

So headphones are allowed in my car for them to tune out when I listen to my kind of music – Michael Bublé, Jacky Cheung, Sam Cooke or otherwise.